County Prosecutor “Wrapping Up” Investigation In Sexual Assault Claim Against Gareon Conley

A Cleveland grand jury is reportedly on the brink of reaching a decision following a three-month investigation into sexual assault allegations against Raiders first-round draft pick, Gareon Conley.

According to Ed Gallek of Cleveland Fox 8 News, the investigation is “wrapping up” and a grand jury decision could come “in days”.

Conley’s lawyer previously speculated that there would clarity in the case weeks ago, but the investigation has quietly drawn out with little indication where the evidence may be leaning.

For the Raiders part, they’re still said to be confident Conley will be cleared.

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2 Responses so far...

  1. Frank says:

    If there was good evidence he would have been charged already. Drunken shenanigans and she was all in.

  2. Rock says:

    And if it was that clear-cur this wouldn’t be going to Grand Jury.


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