Papa: Gareon Conley “Best Cornerback On The Team By Far”

Greg Papa is the voice of the Raiders gameday broadcast and already the voice of one of the preseason’s strongest statements.

“To me, [Gareon Conley] is the best cornerback on the team, by far,” Papa said Monday on 95.7 The Game. “He’s better than Sean Smith. He’s better than David Amerson mainly because of his change of direction movement skill that you’ve got to have.”

Papa is well-connected within the organization and the Raiders are obviously very high on Conley’s skill set to spend a first-round pick on a player with the legal uncertainty that Conley had at that time.

As for “Papa’s opinions”, they didn’t stop there. The voice of the Oakland Raiders has a theory on the Donald Penn holdout – or specifically who may have pushed Penn into the decision to hold out.

But you heard it over there first.

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  1. Al Ross says:

    Stay in the booth papa and leave the analyzing to the coaches…

    • Michael S Jordan says:

      So I take it from your comment that you never analyzed a player? Stop it with the bullshit. #RaiderNation

    • J W says:

      If you don’t think he’s learned how to analyze after all of his experience, you’re very mistaken. And as the article says, he is often echoing what the coaches think. He was the first to drop the Marshawn leak well before any other media outlets.

  2. Jon Davis says:

    I’m interested in applying for the open position. Can you tell me how or where to apply?

  3. Rick Cervantez says:

    Pappa stay with booth calling your great there for a reason now is for a scout leave that to the coaches and leave alone on who S the best corner next you ll be on. Our qb don’t start !!!!!!


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