2019 Draft: Pre-Combine Top-50 Big Board

Big board layout courtesy of the folks over at TDN.

Let’s get right into things: As of this writing, we have a pretty good idea of who these players are and what they’re bringing to the table. The workouts at the Combine provide one big, additional piece to the puzzle. We see risers and faller’s each year; players who make a lot of money and other players who lose money. On top of all that, the rumors really start to fly in Indianapolis as teams are looking to swap players and/or draft picks. It’s an entertaining week, to say the least.

Here are the 50 best prospects in the 2019 class as I currently see it before things kick off at the Combine. Once the numbers are confirmed, expect this board to continue to shift as “final grades” (thoughts) come into focus.


I think the first three names are this year’s blue-chip players. Bosa is recovering from an injury, as is Simmons, who more recently tore his ACL during training. On top of the medical concerns for Simmons, there are also notable off-field flags. He’ll tumble down the board, I assume, but will present a value wherever he ends up.


Gary is polarizing; the tape hasn’t consistently matched up to the talent-level and ceiling. There are some Mario Edwards Jr. comparisons out there, both at the collegiate- and pro-level, which I can understand. I think Gary smashes the Combine and revitalizes his stock somewhat. His ability to play across the front should be a benefit, too. There are only two good quarterbacks for 2019, so I put them in my top-10 because 1) I also think they’re good and 2) quarterbacks will always go early. Murray is a pint-sized, plus-athlete with a rocket arm and Haskins is the cerebral passer with notable production, even when side-by-side with Murray.


Taylor is banged up heading into the Combine, but there’s a legit argument for his OT1 status (where many NFL front offices have him already, we’re told). Two more talented edge defenders in this tier, which is quite obviously a strength for this year’s class. Murphy won’t test as well as recent Washington defensive backs, but he has elite ball skills.


Two tight ends in the top-20, and both from the same school. That’s never happened before, right? Hockenson is getting George Kittle-comparisons while Fant should blow the doors off of the Combine testing-wise. Harry is this year’s WR1 baring some sort of collapse in Indy (where I think he actually surprises a lot of folks); the gap isn’t that wide between the first three or five wideout’s this year.


Speaking of good wide receivers, Metcalf is a specimen, and is expected to put up Julio Jones-esque testing numbers. His game compares favorably to Josh Gordon. I could flip-flip Adderley and Thornhill for SAF1 honors this year (at the moment, anyhow). Smith Jr. is another high-ceiling, well-rounded TE who deserves to be mentioned amongst Hockenson and Fant as this year’s best at the position. The surprise names? The two players rounding out the top-32. Butler looks and plays like Mike Evans, but some drop issues may keep him lower for some. Williams‘ talent is not in question (he has overall WR1 upside), but there are off-field question marks to contend with.


The run on running backs starts here. Harris‘s game easily translates to the next level; he does everything well. Generally speaking, at this point, I think he’s still overlooked. Henderson is one of, if not the most, explosive runners in this year’s class. His ability as a receiver takes his game over the top and anyone who has him as the RB1 isn’t necessarily wrong. The Combine is important for almost every single player, but someone like Dortch could really benefit from a strong outing. He has the breakout age and production, but there are some questions about his athletic profile.


Ford, Allen, Montgomery, and Wilson will be higher on a majority of other boards. Jacobs, too, for that matter. Jacobs is receiving legit overall RB1-hype, and while he’s flashed, some worry about the lack of production. Now, the latest heading into the Combine is that he’ll be limited at best during drills, dealing with an injury. Not ideal.

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