A.J. Green is likely available and the Raiders should be interested

There hasn’t been a lot of talk about the Bengals trading wide receiver A.J. Green, but now that Cincinnati is winless in four games, it makes more sense than ever for the Bengals to shy away from trading him in the last year of his deal.

Green is a $15 million cap hit to the Bengals this year and at 31, he should still have enough trade value for Cincinnati to be motivated to find a trade.

We know Jon Gruden loves veterans (especially at wide receiver) and we know Derek Carr loves throwing to receivers with size. Green might not be a long-term answer at receiver, but the Raiders already have Keelan Doss and Hunter Renfrow, both of whom are only 23.

With the addition of Green, the Raiders would be a matchup nightmare for undersized secondaries. Darren Waller is 6’6 and Tyrell Williams is the same size as Green at 6’4. Carr wouldn’t have any trouble creating mismatches with Green on board, especially in the red zone. And unlike Antonio Brown, Green wouldn’t be a disease in the locker room.

But with the recent trade for Trevor Davis, are the Raiders still in the market for a wide receiver?

Right now Gruden has six wide receivers on the roster. Dwayne Harris is reportedly coming back soon (primarily as a special teams ace), but would the presence of J.J. Nelson keep the Raiders from making a move for Green?

Probably not, especially since Nelson can’t seem to stay healthy.

We know Gruden doesn’t like to sit around and wait for things to happen, so don’t be surprised if he makes one more low-risk effort to add a receiver. Right now, Green probably makes the most sense, especially since he has to be ready to move on from the Bengals…


For what’s it’s worth, the NFL trade deadline is October 29. Even if he isn’t a Raider, expect Green to end up somewhere other than Cincinnati before the end of the month.

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11 thoughts on “A.J. Green is likely available and the Raiders should be interested

  1. come on now…..adding AJ Green sounds good on paper, but think about it; why would/should the Raiders make that move? 1) Green is a very expensive, 30+ receiver, 2) Green is coming off ANOTHER leg/foot injury, 3) Gruden’s offense is a difficult one to grasp even with a full off-season, let along coming in cold, mid-season, 4) the Raiders will be fortunate to win 7 games this season, so they aren’t going to the post-season. If you can get Cincy to take-on a large part of his 2019 salary, and accept a low-level draft pick, then maybe, but this is a 1/2 year rental, at best. Green has missed significant time in 3 of the last 4 years, and hasn’t been a dominant #1, since 2015.

  2. AJ Green is always hurt or limping or disappears in big games and unless we can get him for a 6th rounder I would not take chance on him..Raiders need guys who play 15 or 16 games in regular season not 5 or 6 ..AJ Green every year is hury

  3. Not going to happen unless he comes cheap which I highly doubt!
    Will his presence make us even have a shot at a wildcard spot? NOOOOOO. We can’t afford to waste our draft capital on quick fix rentals! To many holes and to think at EVERY POSITION EXCEPT TIGHT END! Still need to address our putted pass rush. To early to call Clelin a bust or Madd Max a win. But ones clearly on the rise. The other hasn’t shown ANYTHING! And PJ Hall is flashing signs of being a BEAST at the Tackle position! Great win this week. But the Bears in London??
    I’m already having nightmares! A motivated Mack is nothing nice!

  4. Go get him, the Brown Family are like the Chargers Owner Spanos can’t ever seem to find his Check Book?
    We can get him for a couple of Mid-Range Draft picks and sign Green to a 2- year Contract and he would be good to have him working with the young
    Wide Receivers 😎✌🖤🏈

  5. You people are freaking nuts.
    A 6th rounder? 😆😆😆.
    Hes not being traded for less than a first, they would rather extend him than trade the man for a 6th.
    Good luck in Las Vegas.

  6. AJ Green will look good in a Raiders uniform and will attract the defense best cornerback and allow the the guys who know Gruden ‘s offensive to get open until AJ learns the playbook 4th round pick

  7. AJ Green great human, solid skills but his better days are behind him maybe a 2020 5th rd pick and 2021 4th rd pick. If healthy, HR if not another waste. Get doctors involved…AJ has great character.

  8. Grab em if we can…he wont be that in demand as nfl receivers are 2019 deep so see what happens…id rather have green going up for hail mary in 4th quarter to get us the last wild card…or nvrmind..hunter ‘fromwhere’ will get it

  9. As a Bengal fan I can tell you that a Green trade is very unlikely. The Bengals still value Green and will try and keep him even though the fan base would like to see the team move him. If someone is willing to offer a first round pick would be the only way the team will even discuss moving him. It doesn’t matter if others would have a lower value on him.

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