Aldon Smith Soon To Be Reinstated?

Aldon Smith says he’s ready to play football again and believes he has met the requirements of his year-long banishment from the NFL. Nevertheless, it’s been over a month since he was deemed eligible for reinstatement and the public hasn’t been offered even a morsel of meaningful information as to the direction Smith’s situation is headed.

That may have changed on Sunday night.

Shortly after the game in San Diego, Smith appears to have made a stealthy appearance on Khalil Mack’s live Instagram. The post has come and gone, but more than one of Mack’s quick-fingered followers saved what appears to be a message from Smith’s verified Instagram feed.

“I’m back.”


More than a few separate screenshots (and by different users) would suggest this isn’t an act of Photoshop. The first to bring attention to the shot (to me at least) was @JLK1993 on twitter.

Maybe it means nothing, particularly considering the source. But assuming the message actually came from the Raiders suspended linebacker (and that’s probably a fair presumption), the obvious assumption is that he’s talking about reinstatement.

Maybe he’s talking about being back in the playoffs, but considering he’s still suspended, that wouldn’t actually be the case. Another theory is that Smith believes he’ll be reinstated after the regular season and with the Raiders now in the playoffs, he knows he will be back.

Your guess is as good as any.

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40 thoughts on “Aldon Smith Soon To Be Reinstated?

  1. Addiction is a disease and when someone takes the time to get better then there needs to be support from all involved. He served his punishment and roger goodell needs to let him come back now. Enough is enough. Any more and I’m going to start to think that he is being played with by the league. Once again. ADDICTION IS A DISEASE

    1. Leukemia is a disease. Cancer is a disease. Diseases are things you can’t control. Drug addiction is a choice. It may be a hard choice to quit, but it’s still a choice. I’d like to see him tell a 12 year old girl with leukemia that they’re in the same boat. The girl can’t choose to not have leukemia, the drug addict can choose to quit.

      1. God help you. Just because it’s not the same as leukemia doesn’t mean it isn’t a disease. Ask literally any person on the planet who studies or researches the brain and they will tell you it is not near as simple as you seem to think.

  2. Aldon has done everything asked of him from the NFL. I am really curious as to why the NFLPA has not been more active and supportive as they were when Tom Brady cheated and got caught. It seemed that there were those who were truly up in arms,….but Aldon creates no support? Not even from the NFLPA?

    Something really stinks here! But God help you if you are a Raider fan and expect to be treated like some of the other NFL favorites that are up Goodell’s backside. Then we are called Paranoid. He made his mistakes and now has a new family who supports him. I can think of a few other players who have done a lot worse. If he is mentally healthy and in great physical shape and has truly learned from his mistakes.

    Let him get his life back!

  3. You’re comparing throwing a deflated football to multiple drug counts, a hit and run, smoking a blunt on a video just to taunt.
    As a raiders fan, I’d love to have him back, but what happens when he does it again? And it will happen again.

  4. You are missing the point. I am not comparing anything,…only making the point that Aldon seems to have been left with no decision and no support as of now. I know quite well what he did as most diehard Raider fans do. If you read carefully I did state he made his serious mistakes. The point was support,….and even though you are comparing the difference between the two,…they are both mistakes,…..are they not? It was not about the level of infraction but only pointing out different levels of treatment for different players.

    Obviously I am hoping he has learned from these mistakes and would love to have him back like most Raiders fans. Just seems really lousy that the league has left him hanging,….especially considering the possible impact he could make at this crucial time of year.

  5. If Aldon Smith was a cowboy, giant, packer, or patriot, (especially), he would’ve been reinstated IMMEDIATELY after his year suspension was over and Goodell wouldn’t have even waited 60 days to do it but being that he’s a RAIDER, Goodell is taking his sweet time with reinstating him. Something has to be done about the fact that ONE person has the sole power to determine a man’s life and livelihood!!! What a shame that an entity as powerfully and prosperous as the NFL is reduced to pettiness by ONE person!!!!

  6. Addiction is nothing to play with and that is what Roger the punk *** bitch Goodell is doing aldon smith has done what was asked of him to do Goodell you sit there acting like your God let me tell you something you punk bitch motherfucker I’ll ring your neck like the piece of **** chicken you are and you want to play with people’s lives like this well that’s cool you no good **** I hope something happens to one of your close family members something really bad then maybe just maybe you will show more respect towards people he’s done his time let him back on the field before I come after you and **** you up bad you low life piece of **** let him play or me and you are going to play you have until Friday 12/23/16 or you better hide because I’m not the one to play with

  7. Maybe he was involved in a conversation, ducked out for a little bit, and then announced his return to the conversation by saying “I’m back.” Is that not plausible analysis of the situation?

  8. This is an off subject comment; but I would like to thank all of the raiders especially Mr. Derek Carr for
    the enjoyment that he and the guys have provided me this season. I live near Pittsburgh Pa and I am a rabid raiders fan. I lost my daughter this past year and I just wanted to tell you guys that this has really helped me along my way. I know football is just a game ;but for three hours a week I can get lost your reality and not mine. I hope the Lord will keep you in his blessings and find you happy and healthy. Once again THANK YOU for helping me cope even if only for a couple of hours a week. Go Raiders

    1. Tom…I’m sorry to hear about your daughter. Truly heart breaking. Can’t imagine that in my life. Awful. Some regional Raider fans organizing in your area, based in Erie is the Great Lakes Raiders Booster Club primarily on Facebook. In case you’re interested in joining other Raider fans in your neighborhood. God bless you man. Jim Zbach @jzbach on Twitter

    2. Tom; It breaks my heart to hear of your loss. No parent should ever lose a child. We are united by the bonds of Raider fandom, and if you are ever in Bar Harbor Maine and you need something, you let me know. God bless you and the Raiders for providing you with this much-needed diversion.

    3. So sorry about your loss and I agree they have been joyful to watch. Have a merry Christmas from one Raider fan to another-

  9. Jim Thank You for your condolences. We lost her to epilepsy .Did not mean to rain on anyones parade; just wanted to send my THANKS to the raiders. Its something how a simple game can put your mind at ease for a few hours a week. We do not get any coverage of the raiders except on the Sunday ticket around here and this was the only avenue that I saw to maybe one of the guys would see it and know that they are getting a heartfelt and honest Thank You. God Bless and Happy Holidays.

  10. Robert kraft is telling goodell not to let aldon smith back he want is Patriots to go back and hope for a cowboy vs Patriots superbowl the two America team new and old basically and he knows if aldon come back raiders will really beat him because no pocket for Brady fag ***.

  11. Steve,

    First, he was not convicted of any “drug use” from a legal perspective. Alcohol IS a legal substance. It wasnt a hit and run as no other vehicle was invloved. And we have no idea if it was him in the video and if it was a “blunt”. All assumptions on your part. And for the record, he hasnt even lost his drivers license. As for Brady and the Cheatriots, he wasnt suspended for throwing a deflated footall – he was suspended for cheating, for conspiring to cheat, and for covering up the cheating by destroying the evidence. Cheating undermines the entire concept of the NFL as a real competition. If you allow cheating it might as well be the WWF and script every outcome. Please get your facts straight before throwing out wild opinions – this is not a Presndential election where the press can make up anything they want and call it the truth.

    1. Well Todd you do make a good point, but you are sounding a bit naive. First off I want to say that as a long suffering Raider fan, I have enjoyed this season immensely. I hope that Aldon does come back this season and plays like the player that he used to be, and also stays away from trouble… Now, secondly, you do not need two vehicles involved for it to be considered a hit and run accident. In the state of California you are required by law to provide the other party with your name, contact info, and other pertinent information before you leave the scene. Failure to do so is considered a hit and run. Now the other party might be another driver, a pedestrian, an owner of a parked car, an owner of a fence or any other property that was damaged… Now as far as being naive, you’re right and you’re wrong, when you said “we have no idea if it was him in the video or if was a blunt”. We might have no proof, but I have an idea that it was him. Based on his voice, laugh, and the fact that the video came from his account. Not to mention that he has been arrested five times since 2012, which signifies that he has a propensity for trouble. To suggest that “we have no idea” is naive. As far as the “blunt”, it sure looked like one. Lmao. Now, one can say that it could be someone else that made the video. And that “bad person” made it sound like Aldon, got fake weed, and then hacked into his account and posted it (like he said). For no other reason than just to bring Aldon down. Now all that is plausible, but extremely unlikely. In my opinion it is more likely that it was him in the video and that it’s just another incident in the long list of bad choices and idiotic decisions that he has made. If you take a look at most of the times he has gotten into trouble, he has either denied it or down played it. Until he takes a good long look at himself and owns what he has done he will likely continue to make bad choices. I think that is one of the points that Steve was trying to make. Since Aldon has, more or less, complied with suspension, I think that Goodell should cut the crap already and reinstate him. I hope that when he does come back, he stays out of trouble. Not because I want to see him better himself as a person, but because like I said, I’m a long suffering Raider fan and if he can help the Raiders win, then I’m all for that!!! Now, I think that your take on cheating and the way it affects the integrity of the game, is spot on. Great point!!! Anyway sorry for the long post… RRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIDERRRRRRRRRSSSS!!!!!!

  12. Goodell is a huge pile of steaming Sh*T! He is a worthless human being who is on a power trip unseen since “AL Capone”. He must be stripped of his power and a new commissioner must be put in place, hopefully something terrible happens to this EVIL BASTARD!

  13. I agree goodell is for jerry jones & Robert Kraft they get away with anything he needs to go their is a lot of crooked it things that went in the NFL but he target lots of African American he gives them the hardest punishment

  14. I’m trying figure out how Tom Brady get 4 game suspension but was able to practice play in the preseason then start his 4 game suspension then the 5th game he playing who else got that kind of treatment Aldon Smith deserve a 2nd chance what the deal with that goodell is full of it

  15. It just seems that when ever it comes to the Raiders (NFL’s step-child), it always takes an extra long & extended amount of time for the “league” to make a decision, especially if it favors the Raiders in the slightest bit. AL (God bless him) has passed, but residual bias still exists against the team. Certain owners (Rams & Patriots), seem to be able to get away with almost anything, while others are always cast in a bad light. Not only owners, the team, it’s players and it’s fan base. You see it in the way fines are levied, who they are levied on, and whose players are overprotected…..

  16. Would I love to have him back? Sure. But if he was smoking weed on camera, he violated the guidelines of his suspension, no doubt. We also don’t know about his drug tests—did he pass them all? We don’t know. By the letter of the law—and I’ve read it—the NFL doesn’t have a deadline to make a decision on Aldon Smith. Like Del Río says, make sure his life is in order first, THEN football. I think we’ll see him in the fall next year.

  17. Goodell is a racist pig. He obviously hates black people and gets off on playing the role of a slave master. I am a white man by the way so its not a comment coming from someone who has anger from past experience. Sometimes i am embarrassed of my own kind. Some of us are good people but people like Roger Goodell make. White people look bad.

    1. Don’t put your own race down like that. Dude is not a racist COME ON MAN! … I WOULDN’T GO THAT FAR WITH GOODELL, HE DOES HAVE ISSUES WITH BEING A GOOD COMMISH. BUT NOT A RACISTS. IT JUST THAT MOST OF THE NFL PLAYERS ARE BLACK AND HE IS WHITE, YOU SHOULDN’T DO THE RACE BAITING THING, SHOULD leave that to Alaska Sharpton, & jesse,Jackson. Don’t take the black lives matter crappie to heart. They actually need to change the title of the group to BLACK LIES MATTER

  18. I’m a Raider fan. Aldon may or may not deserve to be reinstated (depends on ones argument). I say he’s done all that was required and asked of him. Exactly what does Aldo deserve?…what any man would expect an answer.

  19. Goodell only cares about what is good for him, if Smith was playing for the PATS he would already be playing. The comish does not like the Raiders and will do everything in his power to make sure that they do not succeed. The NFLPA should step in and do something but from reading the NFL can take as long as they want to make a decision on reinstatements which is B.S. Now that the Raiders are in the playoffs I believe that he will wait until the season is over to make a decision just out of spite.

    Roger Goodell (@nflcommish) | Twitter
    NFL Commissioner Contact Number
    212-450-2000 FAX 212-681-7599

    [email protected] Email

  20. Is that why Brady gets 4 game suspension for Cheating in a Super Bowl and Aldon Smith is going to get almost 2 years suspension for drinking and driving

  21. I hate the Patriots. Particularly video taping opposing teams’ practices. BUT, the whole ball deflation thing is a crock. Physics explains all that away. There is a great video out there by a university professor explaining the thermodynamics and gas laws with regard to the temperatures and the delays checking ball pressures in one locker room versus the other. I wish we could blame Brady, but we can’t.

    Aldon Smith’s problem isn’t a one-off incident. It’s a pattern of self-destructive behavior. Problems over and over and over again. Why do you think the Niners booted him off their team? For one DUI incident? Ha. Not. Not for a great player on the field. He needs to get his act together. We don’t know all the details. The NFL knows most of it. Aldon knows all of it.

  22. Wanted to ask you guys a question on suspensions. Roger Goodell suspended Terrell Pryor for selling his autograph and other memorabilia while he was at Ohio State for tattoos etc.; before he was drafted by the Raiders in the supplemental draft. So why hasn’t he or does he not have the POWER to suspend that
    Tyreek Hill from KC. He beat and choked out a pregnant woman. To me that is alot worse than selling autographs. Then making it worse he got voted into the pro bowl. What is this world coming to. He is GARBAGE in my book. Please don’t try and make this a chiefs thing or racial thing . I do not care what color his skin is or what team he plays for Garbage is Garbage. He should be put out with the rest of the

  23. Well he seems to go easy on women beaters so maybe he has a problem with women as well. He is very erratic in his choices he makes and who he suspends so we know he is very biased in a lot of situations he definitely should not be the commissioner of football whatsoever I just hope the fans protest this to the point where we get rid of this piece of garbage. Most people would agree he has slowly been destroying football and revenue is going down in the NFL and it has come at a time when he had made so many changes in football and people are getting tired of watching football with so many flags in a game because of all the rule changes nobody wants to return a kick anymore because why should you you’re instantly on the 25-yard line

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