“All Indications” Corey Liuget To Make Raiders Final Roster

Defensive tackle was supposed to be a position group of strength for the Raiders this year, but considering the uncertainty around which DTs will make the final roster, it feels like the group maybe isn’t quite where some thought it would be – at least in terms of depth.

Expectations have never been higher for Johnathan Hankins and Maurice Hurst, but what do the Raiders really have behind those two?

They have P.J. Hall, who is coming along quietly in his second year, but hasn’t been terrific. Would Hall be on the roster bubble is he hasn’t been drafted in the second round a year ago? After Hall, it’s primarily Ethan Westbrooks, Justin Ellis, Anthony Rush, and now Corey Liuget, who wasn’t employed in the NFL a week ago. Ellis has been hurt, Westbrooks is a five-year veteran that was a free agent a few weeks ago, Rush is an undrafted free agent, and according to The Athletic’s Vic Tafur, Liuget is essentially a lock to make the final-53 after just four days with the team.

“All indications are [Corey Liuget] is making this roster,” Tafur said this week on his State of the Nation podcast. “I think he’s not even worried about playing on Thursday, which to me tells me he’s been told he’s good… [Liuget] has been on the street all offseason. He had workouts, I think I wrote it was three teams. I think it was Cardinals Seahawks, and somebody else over the offseason, never got signed, he’s been working out in Vegas for the last month. He said he’s been killing himself, but it’s a little alarming, the guys off the street and gets a spot right off the bat… but everything I’m hearing is he has a spot locked up.”

Maybe Liuget is better (and healthier) than we realized, but if that’s the case, he was certainly able to keep it a secret well.

The good news is Hall and Rush are young and have plenty of upside. They most likely won’t be counted on for more than just rotations. So if Liuget, who at 29 still should have a little youth in his bones, can return anywhere near the form that earned him a $58.5 million contract in 2015, the Raiders could have a good thing going at defensive tackle…

But there are certainly a lot of variables at a DT position that didn’t seem to need any attention a few months ago.

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