Another Report Says “Crabtree Is Gone” After The Season

According to Raiders insider Joe Arrigo, Michael Crabtree won’t be back with the Raiders next year.

“I’ve been told Crabtree is gone,” Arrigo said Monday on the Las Vegas Raiders Report podcast.

Arrigo isn’t the first to say Crabtree’s future in Oakland is in doubt, but previous reports came during the season and more importantly, while Jack Del Rio was still head coach.

Interestingly, Derek Carr spoke on Crabtree this week with Vic Tafur of The Athletic, and Carr’s words on Crabtree were notable – albeit a little ambiguous.

“Crab is like a big brother to me. We compete together. I’ve been mad at him, he’s been mad at me. The last few weeks, things were happening and we were all like, “Aw man, I wish it wasn’t going like that.” It got a little out there and overboard. I don’t know where he is at, because it’s such weird timing right now, players are getting away and we have a new staff… We’ll be fine, but I don’t know where he stands with the coaches.”

Something to keep an eye on, but for now at least, all signs point to Crabtree finding a new football home in 2018.

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22 thoughts on “Another Report Says “Crabtree Is Gone” After The Season

  1. He had a nice run with the Raiders and made some spectacular catches (the deep, end-zone, tip-toe grab against BAL was amazing), but he’s definitely NOT worth nearly $8m…..not even close. He’ll sign on somewhere else, but for about half that, if he’s lucky. This team needs guys with great hands who won’t repeatedly drop the 3rd down and 5 slant pass. I REALLY hope they find a way to land Allen Robinson or Jarvis Landry!

    1. According to spotrac J.Landr market value is 14$+I’ll take flyer on Allen coming off injury and fact he has history with OC Greg olson was his OC I believe when he had 1400yds and 14td with Blake bortles at QB. We may get him for same price we got Crabs his first year 1yr/3.5$ who else to go to if you want to prove yourself. Really we could use both, but AC should move to slot anyhow. Paul Richardson is coming into his own and a 6’4″speedster may be a nice addition you could land him and Robinson for around 9.5$-10$ which would be covered by cutting Roberts and Crabtree. CP and AC should be only returning receivers besides the rookie practice squad guys.

      1. Getting Robinson on a prove it deal, at a manageable cost would be nice, but he’ll have a number of suitors, So dont know how realistic it would be get him to come on board. Richardson looks to be coming into his own, and can take the cover off a defense, but he’s 6′ 0, 183 lbs, not 6′ 4″

  2. Just too many drops. Period. You are getting paid to catch. How you can drop that many passes with gloves on, is besides me.

  3. I’m hoping Crab comes back….he’s the quintessential possession type receiver, great in the red zone and on 3rd down….his presence will be missed if they let him go

  4. If this happens , I hope they have a plan in place as to how they’re going to replace his production . Pattersen ? Holton ? Roberts ?

  5. throw those ribs on the crock pot…. Crabtree is done… Pillaging Just 4 fun…. and if you dont know, now you know…

    1. Don’t be a hater Dan… lol. Looks like Crabs was part of the crew dissin DC. Oh well, nice lil run, but ya gots ta go. Wassup with Pillaging Just 4 Fun. See that being mentioned a lot on Raider related stuff.

      1. “The Autumn Wind is a Raider,
        Pillaging just for fun.
        He’ll knock you ’round and upside down,
        And laugh when he’s conquered and won.”

  6. Even though he had some dropped passes, he is still one of our best receivers. Should we also get rid of Amari Cooper also since he didn’t perform well at all this season with A LOT of dropped passes.

  7. Crab was great for a year. Then the drops came. Then more came. Crab should leave in a big bus with Seth Roberts, that flag football ball receiver they have, the entire secondary. Stop giving Karl Joseph a pass.he can’t cover, he can’t catch, he’s undersized, all the blessings up quarterbacks and yes Oakland…marshyn should be on there. He’s too much about me and his image. His speed can not get past the 2nd level and is easy for the defense. If they wanted an old rb, Peterson would have better pre kneck injury.i don’t want to hear about stats bc Arizona and Minn have the worst lines compared to Oaklands overrated line

    1. John said overrated LMAOOO. Got at least 3 lineman a year in the pro bowl tho.. nice try

  8. Crab & Coop best one two punch in the league . Both a year removed from thousand yard years ! Crab still a clutch receiver, member the last play in Oakland against KC!! The real reason for the lack luster O is named toad downing ! Every raider fan should be praying Crab come back!!

    1. never have
      bothered to reply to any of this social media stuff before but i had to reply ur post. im in 100% agreement with your opinion. ive been a life long raider fan and have a pretty good knowelege of football philosephy. and untill i here of a better solution at wide reciever, im pretty happy with our amazing reciever core. so this year wasnt their best and some of that is also contributed to by the offense in whole. that doesnt mean they’re washed up by any means. and maybe with some belief in them and a chance under john grudens system, they can deliver more then ever expected

      1. I would not say they are the best. Perhaps they have the potential to be the best but they are far too inconsistent to be the best – along with the whole receiving corps. I will say that with the game on the line, I’d want to see the ball thrown to Crabtree. He has proven to be a redzone threat and, when not caught pushing off, is a clutch player. Cooper can take over a game and flashes superstar potential at times but then disappears for several games at a time.
        Some of the problems were Todd Downing’s poor game planning but he didn’t drop a single pass all season.

  9. Keep Crab, Coop n Patterson. Cut Holton n Roberts bc they probably won’t be in the NFL next yr!!!!

  10. It’s a mistake. I wouldn’t cut him. The Broncos cornerback Talib provoked him plain and simple.

    1. I really didn’t have problem with the fight with Talib. Crabtree walked away from it last year, did the “right” thing and “put the team first.” However, football is a sport of intimidation and he really had to retaliate the second time. If he’d have let that go again, he would have to face that kind of treatment from every garbage cornerback in the league… except maybe our garbage corners.
      I seriously doubt that anyone in the Raiders locker room was upset with him over the fight. Most probably thought he should have smacked Talib the first time.

  11. Crabtree’s no where near worth $8M anymore, not with whatever speed he has left, which has fallen off a cliff. Secondly, Gruden’s not going to tolerate the antics. If he can clean up his act, and drops, perhaps he takes over the slot, at a reduced salary, and Seth Roberts, a bigger drop problem, looks for another team. The only way he gets open is pushing off or pick plays though he is a good possession receiver and was productive when they were functioning with a competent offensive coordinator. Replace Roberts with a No. 1 receiver/burner (I like Robinson from Jacksonville, have to draft defense) as Johnny Holton does not seem to be cutting it either. Drafting an all around tight end would be a big boost if they can find one later in the draft.

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