Antonio Brown Continues to Unilaterally Escalate His Social Media War on the Raiders.

Antonio Brown’s Level of Depravity Knows No Bounds

Unless you have been in a coma for the past week, you probably know that the Oakland Raiders and Wide Receiver Antonio Brown have parted ways. Saturday’s release of the diva wideout culminated a week long series of events that grew weirder by the moment. From alleged racial slurs, to the alleged breaking of California Penal Code 632(a), there was a clear escalation in recent days. In Fact, once Brown discovered he had been released, he continued that escalation by posting an “I’m Free” video on social media. Not exactly the response you would expect from someone who just lost 30 million in guaranteed money. Brown’s agent, on the other hand, was doing his best to contain, blame, and control damage – all of which was refuted on social media by both Darren and David Carr, Quarterback Derek’s older brothers.

Raider’s Coach Jon Gruden continued to take the high ground in a statement made to the press on Saturday. He hit all the complementary points, wished him well, etc. In fact, Coach Gruden has done nothing but complement and stick up for Brown publicly.

The Other Shoe Drops.

Later in the day, a few hours after his release, Brown signed with the New England Patriots for a reported $15 million, nine million of which was guaranteed. Convenient timing, and given Browns excitement at being released, somewhat dubious. Needless to say Judas, er, Mr. Brown is now a “Tuck Rule” equivalent Patriot. To say that Raider Nation is reeling over the last 96 hours is a vast understatement. It’s been a nightmare.

If only it stopped there.

“Lies”, and “Trojan Horses”, Some Lines You Should Just Never Cross.

Early Sunday Morning, a vile tweet was posted that suggested that Raiders General Manager Mike Mayock should be sodomized and fired. While this, in and of itself, is harmless. Disgusting, but harmless. That is, until Antonio Brown’s twitter account, “Liked” the tweet.

I have no words that can accurately express the magnitude of depravity in this latest action from Brown. I can only empathize with the Raiders, the players, the fans, and especially the Carr family, who took him in and treated him like family.

Enjoy your new star wide receiver Patriot fans, I know Raiders fans wish him and your organization all the “best.”


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  1. Maybe Bill B is the only person alive that could save this guy from himself. We shall see, though at this point it has become very difficult to give a **** either way.

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