Antonio Brown Wants To Send The “Right Message” In Oakland

Antonio Brown had his introductory press conference with the Raiders on Wednesday and while it was all positive, as you might expect, it was a few of his remarks after the presser that might have been the most interesting. – or at least, revealing.

We’ve all followed AB on social media for the past few weeks and if nothing else, he has proved himself to be crazy – or at least willing to be crazy. It was a calculated risk the Raiders were willing to take by adding Brown, but what kind of antics are we going to see from the former All Pro once he settles in to his new home?

It was a series of questions from NFL Network’s MJ Acosta on Wednesday that may have shed some light into what’s been going on with Brown over the past few weeks and where his mind is right now.

Asked about his new look since joining the Raiders, this was AB’s response:

“I’m trying to make a professional impression for everyone here,” Brown told Acosta. “Keep it low key, keep it clean, keep it fresh. I’m just here for business. It’s extremely important that I give off the right message and energy as far as my looks so I’m here clean cut, clean faced, excited to get to work and show everyone what I’m about.”

Whether or not Brown follows through on the image he wants to create in Oakland, there’s no question after his comments yesterday that he understood what he was doing to the Steelers with his nonsense. Brown might be a little crazy, but his “crazy” over the last few weeks was at least calculated – and both he and (so far) the Raiders seem to be the clear beneficiaries.

Full interview below.

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  1. I love his calm look it’s like he is satisfied and he is tired of talking about it he is now taking the actions needed to be the player The Oakland Raiders need him to be and to us fans he is a smart man and I am with the band………#tommycashr8rnation

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