Are The Raiders Going To Be The League’s Oldest Team Under Jon Gruden?

Are the Raiders under Jon Gruden really going to be the oldest team in the league?

As of today, there are 13 players on Gruden’s roster than are 30 or older – seven of whom weren’t on the team last year.

Sounds pretty old, right?

As it turns out, a reasonable guess at the Raiders final 53-man roster (under the assumption that only Dwayne Harris, 30, and Shareece Wright, 31, don’t make the team from the list above) projects to an average age of about 26.4.

Last year, the league’s oldest team was the Cardinals (27.28) and the youngest was the Browns (24.24) as of September 2. At the time, the Raiders’ average age was 26.08, but at 26.4, they would have been tied with the Falcons for the 24th-oldest team in the league.

The Raiders added some age in the offseason, but they also dumped some older guys in Marshall Newhouse (29), Michael Crabtree (30), Jon Condo (36), and Sean Smith (30).

It is worth noting, however, that the Raiders are getting older at a few key positions. Donald Penn, Marshawn Lynch, Jordy Nelson, Bruce Irvin, and Jared Cook should all start and if Derrick Johnson or Reggie Nelson wiggle into the starting lineup, the list will grow even more.

Reason for concern? Maybe, but not necessarily.

In Gruden’s last season with the Raiders (2001), he actually rolled out 10 starters that were 30 or older and Charlie Garner was 29.

Just for fun, here’s the list: Rich Gannon (36), Jerry Rice (39), Tim Brown (35), Steve Wisniewski (34), Lincoln Kennedy (30), Greg Biekert (32), Elijah Alexander (31), William Thomas (33), Eric Allen (36), and Marquez Pope (31).

And yes, the game has changed some since then, but at least this much hasn’t – it was a fumble then and it’s still a fumble now.

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11 thoughts on “Are The Raiders Going To Be The League’s Oldest Team Under Jon Gruden?

  1. You forgot Seabass on the ‘relieving’ of duty list.
    No worries though, almost all are under a one year contract, contract done after this year or if they are cut after this year they’d be no major impact to the money line.
    Seems brilliant to have capable, hungry, something to prove journey men on the roster showing the new pups how to practice, play, act and react. Coach is here for a full decade – do it right and get back to winning every year. Some people think that they should win the Superbowl in June? Come on, it’s a process if you want it to be a norm. Over night or even over one full season — then 9 years of being competitive w/ rings? I’d take it.

  2. Good experience and they have over 10 players under 24 years old – they are young

  3. Good experience and they have over 10 players under 24 years old – they are young

  4. Shareece Wright is 1000% making the team, in fact he will be a starter He’s going to be the 3rd CB.

    1. Shareece Wright is a special teams player at best… Daryl Worley is going to be the 3rd cb

      1. You’re both wrong. Rashaan Melvin LCB. Gareon Conley RCB. Nick Nelson SCB. Daryl Worley 4th Leon Hall 5th Wright or Golson as our 6th. One is getting cut

  5. Shareece Wright is a 1000% making the team? Well I hope that you are correct Mr. Wright, you have a good son there……
    Kidding, just kidding. I do see the Raiders running a lot of 3 CB formations (maybe more 2 SS formations but still). I like Shareece and he does have a good shot at making the 53 and if nothing else, he will help all of the younger players through the summer and preseason. Nothing but respect for the man.

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