Bay Area Media Group Seems to Want Raiders GM Mike Mayock to Address the Rumor They Started

Raiders general manager Mike Mayock hasn’t been talking on the record and some members of Bay Area media can hardly handle it.

So disgruntled is one editor that he resorted to attacking NFL Network (Mayock does segments with NFLN) after speculation fired up from his own outlet that Mayock might not be as happy with his job as he was a year ago.

Certainly speculation is fair game. Even reporters have the right to wonder what’s going on, but it’s also fair to wonder where the motivation for their public musings comes from… how’s that for full circle speculation?

Coincidentally, while all this is popping, the Raiders have taken “Oakland” out of their official social media feeds and it is starting to feel like a clean break up between the Raiders and their formerly local media… with The Athletic’s Tim Kawakami playing his usual role as scorned lover.

Mayock, until recently, had no real reason to talk, but The Athletic’s Vic Tafur sparked a rumor this week that Mayock might not be happy with the Raiders, so who knows if Mayock feels the need to speak now or not.

Oddly enough, it feels like one arm of the outlet created the talking point about Mayock and the other arm is complaining that Mayock won’t make himself available to address it. Mayock did talk about his relationship with Gruden two months ago, but maybe Kawakami would like to hear it again.

Tim Kawakami on Twitter

I like Rich. Doubt he has NFL execs telling him what he can say. EXCEPT: My last time ever on that network I was asked to be a segment about the 49ers. As I was about to go live on air, an unidentified voice in my earpiece said: “We’re not going to criticize Jed York, right?

In a perfect world of balance maybe Mayock is blocking Tim the way Tim blocks the majority of Raider fans on Twitter. Or maybe Mayock just understands that Tim hates the Raiders and won’t be objective with any information anyway. After all, Kawakami is already swinging at NFL Network (tweet above) after the network gave him a prominent segment with their national audience.

Whatever the case, if Mayock does choose to speak on the rumor, it probably won’t be an exclusive with the outlet that started the pot stirring in the first place.

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4 thoughts on “Bay Area Media Group Seems to Want Raiders GM Mike Mayock to Address the Rumor They Started

  1. Tim is a beta male who loves to spread rumors, he has female tendencies and I was blocked on Twitter for telling him that.

  2. I will not miss this faggat at all. He’s a Raider Hater knows nothing about football and needs to go home to his partner and just suck a dick

  3. Mayock doesn’t owe Kawakami anything. Kawakami should ask his colleague Vic Tafur for confirmation, since he is the one who started the rumor. Seems some guys have to start false rumors to get attention these days. Way to go Vic. Great way to get your name mentioned.

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