Beat Writer Says There are Two Raiders “Loved By Everybody” in the Locker Room

It’s the Raiders’ bye week and what better way to celebrate a week off than to mention two players that are bringing the Raiders locker room together… just by being themselves.

Appearing Friday night on the OLV Raiders Network, Sports Illustrated insider Hondo Carpenter was asked by Graphk Raider how the team is responding to fourth-round rookie quarterback Aidan O’Connell.

Hondo’s answer was interesting, and said a lot about the impression O’Connell and another player on the team have made on their teammates…

”They love him. Him and Amik [Robertson] are loved by everybody. For [me] personally I like what he does. I like the way he leads. I’m impressed by what Josh Jacobs thinks of him. I’m impressed by what the offensive line thinks of him. I’m really impressed by what Davante Adams thinks of him. I’m impressed by what Maxx Crosby thinks of him and if I had to bet today, boom or bust, I’m going to say boom.”

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As for Amik Robertson, it’s never been hard to understand why his teammates love him. The 5’9 (if you believe the team website) cornerback has one of the biggest personalities on the team and it was on full display last year during training camp…

Raiders Beat on Twitter: “@_YoungTruth7 mic’d up at training camp in 2022… / Twitter”

@_YoungTruth7 mic’d up at training camp in 2022…

And a final detail on the state of the Raiders…

There may be uncertainty within the organization, but the team has never been covered better from the standpoint of unique content.

When was the last time a top reporter on the team spent two hours with the fans… and offered so many detailed answers?

If you missed the show on Friday night, make sure to catch the full episode on YouTube

twitter: @raidersbeat


2 thoughts on “Beat Writer Says There are Two Raiders “Loved By Everybody” in the Locker Room

  1. Just shut up Hondo! Nobody believes or cares what you are “reporting “! Are you making this up as well ? Do you think maybe, just maybe your kiss— approach might not be believable? Do you still think McDaniels only has a 5% chance of being fired ? Remember when you said that ? And then it finally happened within a few days and did you apologize for your BS reporting?

  2. I like the direction the raiders are going I love AOC4. And would love rich or Antonio at coach. Or both. However that would work. Keep everyone and bring rich back we want people that play for each other that’s how we’ll win

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