Beat Writer Says there’s a Good Chance Aiden O’Connell will be the Raiders Starting Quarterback in 2024

The Raiders have been linked to just about every quarterback in the draft, but there is a good chance that they aren’t going to be able to move up from pick 13 to get one of the consensus top quarterbacks in the draft.

It’s possible that Bo Nix and Michael Penix will be on the board for the Raiders at pick 13, but most projections have those two quarterbacks being drafted later in the first round or possibly in the second round.

If the Raiders don’t have a first-round grade on Nix or Penix, it will be interesting to see what they do in round one.

Sports Illustrated insider Hondo Carpenter talked about the Raiders draft situation this week and he believes there is a good chance they aren’t going to make an aggressive move for a quarterback in the early part of the draft.

“I don’t think the Raiders are moving up to get a quarterback. I just don’t see it happening,” Hondo said on the Las Vegas Raiders Insider podcast. “I’ve been asked by a lot of you what I think is going to happen… and I’m telling you what I think is Aidan O’Connell is going to be your starting quarterback in 2024. That’s what I believe. I think he’ll beat out Gardner Minshew.”

O’Connell might not be the shiny new quarterback the fan base is hoping for, but there seems to be an increasing chance that he’ll be the starting quarterback when the regular season begins in September.

If the Raiders pass on a quarterback in round one, it sounds like there might be a quarterback they would consider in round two, but they might have to trade back into the first round or early second round to get that player.

“I think probably who they would want in [round] 2 may be off the board,” Hondo continued. “So there’s a good chance you won’t see the Raiders get a quarterback in round one or round two.”

And on that note, which quarterbacks in the third round and beyond would make sense for the Raiders?

If he falls that far… Spencer Rattler, maybe?

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