Brugler: Raiders Weren’t the Only Team to Credit Damon Arnette With a 4.4 Forty at the Combine

It turns out the Raiders weren’t the only team that graded Damon Arnette as faster than the 4.56 electronic forty time that was recorded at the NFL combine.

“I reached out to a different AFC team for their Combine 40-yard dash hand times on Arnette,” The Athletic’s Dane Brugler tweeted on Saturday. “They had 4.47 and 4.50. Those are the two times they used for his final grade.”

Arnette only has one 40-time on record and it was his underwhelming run at the combine. We know now that the Raiders (and at least one other team) didn’t bite on the electronic 4.56 in Indianapolis. The video below is just one of many that seem to show where Arnette lost at least a tenth of a second on his run at the combine.

Brett Kollmann on Twitter

Had this video sent to me today. When the Raiders said that they clocked Damon Arnette in the low 4.4’s with their own watches, that wasn’t just to save face. Arnette seemed to get an unfortunately quick trigger on the clock at the combine. Just something to take note of.

Given what we’ve learned from a week of over-analyzation (or was it?) of Arnette’s run at the combine, it makes sense why scouts want their own hand-timed numbers to compare against the electronic numbers.

The electronic times are the most accurate times available for a single run, but they don’t always translate to the best reflection of a player’s true speed. In every case with the electronic time you get the slowest possible time depending on what insignificant movement might have started the clock… which makes the 4.27 from Henry Ruggs III all the more impressive.

What kind of time do we think Ruggs might be capable of?

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  1. Ruggs is the best choice for the Raiders.
    They needed someone who could stretch the defense and hit a home run.
    Conley was the #3 pick and was highly regarded but seemed to lack toughness .
    Arnett has that tough factor.

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