Bulked-Up Khalil Mack Moving To Jack Del Rio’s Defensive Line?

Is Khalil Mack headed to defensive end? It sure looks like it. Reggie McKenzie has been adding linebackers at a breakneck pace and Jack Del Rio hinted that Mack could be on the move way back in March:

He plays defensive end for us already in sub packages. So, I think it would be natural for him to be able to play whatever we decide is best for him, how it helps the team best. The number of sub snaps in the league has gone up dramatically each year. Up to 70 percent of your snaps you’re facing three- and four-receiver sets and so a sub packages where Khalil is an end is the one that really is the most prominent. He’s definitely shown he’s got ability to be an edge rusher, a defensive end, he is that in that capacity. I feel like it’s how we best want to utilize him and who we have around him as well.

Expect to see plenty of Khalil Mack’s hand in the dirt this year.

Without question, Mack’s greatest impact as a rookie was felt around the line of scrimmage, and based on his offseason program, the Raiders are preparing to use him there more often. In an interview with Greg Papa on 95.7 The Game, Mack said he has added weight as he prepares to engage with bigger tackles and seemed to confirm that he’s up to 265 pounds (same weight as Justin Tuck). He was listed at 252 pounds last year.

The Raiders listed Mack at 252 pounds as a rookie.

However the Raiders choose to categorize him, expect to see a lot more of Mack on the line of scrimmage and in the backfield. Unless, of course, Del Rio had him gain 15 pounds to become more effective in coverage. Not buying that? Didn’t think so.


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