Can The Raiders Afford To Pay Khalil Mack?

The Raiders and Khalil Mack have apparently not discussed a new contract since February and NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport offered two reasons that the sides may not be presently in discussions.

“In general, there are different reasons [that an offer isn’t on the table],” Rapoport said Tuesday on NFL Network. “Perhaps the sides know that they are not close. Perhaps monetarily, they know it’s something they can’t do, or won’t do…”

More than likely, the Raiders and Mack simply are not close on a valuation, but another theory is that Raiders owner Mark Davis simply can’t afford the massive signing bonus it will require to sign Mack to a long term deal. Anyone that has followed the Raiders knows the organization has been cash-strapped for decades and Davis has handed out two $100+ million contracts in the last 13 months.

Whatever the case, the Raiders and Mack seem destined to get nowhere before the beginning of the season.

The one breakthrough that could end the stalemate? A new deal for Aaron Donald. If Donald gets a new deal, there isn’t much left to negotiate – the Raiders either give Mack a comparable deal or franchise tag him until he’s 30.

As far as the franchise tag, maybe that’s a strategy the Raiders are considering in the first place.

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4 thoughts on “Can The Raiders Afford To Pay Khalil Mack?

  1. We’ve all heard the saying “Mo Money Mo problems” We’ll here’s the problem. The Raiders don’t have the money. They would have to restructure so many contracts and move around so many pieces to get the money right now for Mack, it’s obviously for the Raiders standpoint not even a consideration. Mack is still under contract for 2018 season. They have a whole season to get his new contract done so if Mack were smart he would report to camp and be a team player and worst case scenario for him is he becomes a free agent at the end of the year and signs a lucrative contract with any team he wants.

  2. Mack and his agent want 25 million per year.
    Of course the Raiders plan should be to tag him.. but not this year…. this year you force him to play on his current contract at $13.4 million for 2018, then tag him the (allowable) following 2 years at $15 million for 2019 , and aprox 15.4 million for 2020. That equals 3 yrs for 43.5 million vs. him and his agent wanting 5 years $125 million. Do you want to get Mack for only 2 more years for an extra $85 million for those 2 years…. NOPE,,,,, Raiders aren’t even taking him serious, hense them pulling their last offer.

    If he wants a long term contract then he needs to look at the current market.
    You go off of the previous contracts….. thats the market.. the top multi year contract currently is
    $85,000,000 total value, $17,000,000 per year, $40,000,000 guaranteed, $8,000,000 avg guaranteed per year, 47.1% guaranteed , 2021 UFA

    so give him 17.5 million per year, with 50% guaranteed. but he’s greedy, and wants 25 million per year. thats way over the market. That is a 47% increase over the most recent top 4-3 Defensive End multi year contract. Its Not reasonable.
    So now the Raiders will teach him a lesson. Now Mack will get rented year to year for the next three years, then when he’s pushing 31 they will let him go when he’s in his declining years. Better hope you don’t have career ending injury you greedy pig.. You reap what you sow.

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong, but his current deal will be up in 2019. Can’t he refuse to sign the franchise tender and simply sit out the season? Yes, that would hurt his value as a player but at that point, it would be obvious that he won’t play for them. At which point, a trade might be the best thing for both sides.

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