Changes to the Raiders Secondary Should Start With Gareon Conley

The Raiders were handed a disappointing loss at Lambeau Field on Sunday, but there was still a lot to be encouraged about.

Jon Gruden had arguably his best play-calling effort since his return and outside of a fumble and late interception, Derek Carr had the offense moving better than it has all season. Josh Jacobs looks like a running back worthy of a high first-round pick and Darren Waller is a supreme mismatch for any defense.

The biggest problem this week, as it always seems to be with the Raiders, was another embarrassing effort on defense. Even with a depleted receiver group, Aaron Rodgers was able to spread the ball at will all over the field. The Raiders came into the game with both starting cornerbacks healthy but Gareon Conley, in particular, was abused all game – both in the air and on the ground.

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Gareon Conley caught in awkward position and cannot make optimal tackle attempt

Conley was so bad on Sunday that there’s no way the Raiders aren’t moving toward benching him next week against the Texans. Furthermore, this coaching staff has never been particularly amused by Conley, so don’t rule out anything between now and the trade deadline. But if the Raiders do try to trade Conley, what would his value be after such a disappointing start to the season?

Who, among teams actually trying to win, has cornerbacks playing worse than Conley right now?

Certainly Gareon has talent, but at this point the fit in Oakland doesn’t seem right. Look for defensive coordinator Paul Guenther to make a change this week and try just about anything he can to jumpstart a secondary that was borderline incompetent on Sunday. Benching Conley is a reasonable place to start, but how can anyone in the Raiders secondary feel safe?

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17 thoughts on “Changes to the Raiders Secondary Should Start With Gareon Conley

  1. It doesn’t matter who is playing DB for the Raiders, they cannot muster any pass rush which creates coverage nightmares. Aaron Rogers had all day to throw . Conely has talent, I don’t want to see another team develop it as other players have who have been jettisoned from Oakland.

  2. Conley is absolutely terrible he has taken steps backwards he looks confused and lost out there what’s the deal

  3. I’m With you on that,Conley needs to be bench he can’t cover no one always getting beat and can’t tackle neither that defense backfield is some real Trash,go to the rookie he can’t do no worse

  4. Your secondary is only as good as you’re D-line and your D-line Is only as good as your pass rush

  5. When Carr fumbled that ball in the end zone I knew the game was over. After that there was poor coverage, tackling and scheming by the defense. Had Carr not fumbled that ball it would have been a much more interesting game.

  6. At first the RAIDERS should start looking at getting rid of the defensive coordinator that’s where it starts at

  7. Conley was lousy but defensive coaching staff can’t give Aaron and Maholmes time got to bring pressure lousy play calling


  9. I think, first change should be Carr, how many times he had made a huge mistake inside the opponent 5 yard line? Every time he made a mistake in that field position, the whole team goes down. So, if he made a mistake there again, Gruden should bench him.

  10. That’s why the bitch got traded today.
    Well a 3rd round draft pick was at least something rather than just cutting him & getting nothing or at least the RELIEF she is gone. Obviously the Texans didnt have time to watch the game tape of the Raiders game this week.

  11. Defense coach has got to go, je should have been studying the game and made changes to attack Rodgers but same stand attack made it easy for Rodgers to have a hayday with us.

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