Charles Woodson To Face “The Same Old Jay” On Sunday?

The Bears are leaving the door open to the idea that Jay Cutler may play this week against the Raiders. “We’ll see how it goes,” Cutler told Chicago media today. “We still have a couple of days left. We’re exactly where we want to be, but no one is really 100 percent healthy right now.”

If he can’t play, Cutler said Jimmy Clausen will be ready. “Jimmy is 100 percent prepared and ready to go right now. So we’ll see how it goes.”

Meanwhile, in Oakland, Jack Del Rio is preparing for Cutler. If that’s the case, Charles Woodson should look forward to seeing “the same old Jay” he faced as a Packer.

If Cutler can’t play, the Raiders will hope to face the same old Jimmy who threw for 63 total yards last week in Seattle.

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