Combine Rumor Gives Hope the Raiders Could Get the Quarterback “Everyone Knows” They Want

If the Raiders are trying to find a way to get Jayden Daniels, it sounds like they could potentially get lucky when the draft rolls around.

The Ringer’s Ben Solak shared 10 observations from his time at the combine and his impression of what teams are thinking about Daniels is different than most of what has been reported for the last couple of months.

“It is smoke-screen season, and I very well may be getting hooked by it. But in Indianapolis, I heard significantly more interest and excitement for how high Michigan QB J.J. McCarthy might go relative to how high LSU QB Jayden Daniels might go,” Solak reported on Monday. “My sense is that Daniels is not locked into an early draft slot and that the league has turned its attention elsewhere. McCarthy is a strong candidate to go before Daniels in April.”

Almost everyone with a voice around the Raiders has been hinting that Antonio Pierce and company intend to target Daniels, and a series of comments last week from the Raiders own flagship radio station only stoked the rumors even more.

“Everybody wants our quarterback. Jayden Daniels is our quarterback,” JT the Brick said on Friday’s JT The Brick Show. “You know it. I just said it. The coach is saying it. Everybody wants Jayden Daniels. He was in the locker room for the cigar party. He’s everywhere. I’m not tipping my hand.”

“Everybody knows that we want Jayden Daniels. Every GM. Every fan. Jayden Daniels knows. We’ve got to find a way to get him and it’s going to be expensive,” JT continued… “I want to test the temperature of Raider Nation. Raider fans, how do you feel that everybody knows we want Jayden Daniels?”

If the Raiders want Daniels, their approach to getting him has been particularly unconventional in recent weeks.

Believe what you want about the Raiders’ draft plan, but when everyone close to the team is creating the same headlines about their extreme interest in a draft prospect… something might be a little off.

There just seems to be too much smoke around the Raiders and Daniels. In nature, too much smoke will suffocate a fire, and maybe that’s what is happening here.

Is it possible that the Raiders, or at least some of their most prominent decision-makers in the building, would be happier to see J.J. McCarthy fall to them than Jayden Daniels?

Or maybe Pierce doesn’t care if everyone knows who he wants and he is telling his media friends to go ahead and run with it.

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7 thoughts on “Combine Rumor Gives Hope the Raiders Could Get the Quarterback “Everyone Knows” They Want

  1. You can be like a kid in a candy store as far as quarterbacks in this years draft.

  2. I don’t care how they get JD just get him in the building come draft day . Its time we have an elite prospect to compete in the AFC West .No offense to #4 he has earned the right to compete for the starting Qb1 spot and should be given the opportunity no matter who they bring in to challenge for the
    qb1 position.

  3. Jayden Daniels needs to be a Raider. Do whatever it takes to get this man on the ball club!!

  4. That is not what Rich Eisen reported. He is hearing that he is top two and some teams could have him at 1.

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