Conflicting Reports On Who Raiders Wanted With Pick 27

Football can be funny this time of year. There are the usual scoops and reports, but it’s the presence of information and misinformation that turns draft season a real media circus. That circus, of course, is one that we can’t help but to indulge ourselves in.

One of the nice pieces of misinformation circling the Raiders right now involves first-round pick Johnathan Abram. NBC Sports’ Peter King said this week that Mike Mayock and Jon Gruden nearly traded to pick 25 to get Abram, but ultimately held back hoping that the Mississippi State safety would fall to them – which he did.

This was the quote from King:

“And just a quick little note that I found very interesting. Right after they take Josh Jacobs, there’s euphoria in the room and now they’re focused on Abram because that’s the 24th pick, now at 27 they have to wait for two more teams to pick and make sure they still get this safety from Mississippi State, Johnathan Abram, and they wait a second and all of a sudden Mayock starts thinking ‘man, do I want to I want to use a [fifth-round pick] to go trade with Baltimore at 25 ensure we get our guy.’

And Gruden is like ‘Do it! Do it! Do it!’ 

But Mayock said ‘no, we’re going to trust where we are. We’re going to trust our process.’”

But according to NFL media’s Ian Rapoport, the Raiders were going to take Montez Sweat with pick 27 if the Mississippi State edge rusher was still on the board.

The Athletic’s Vic Tafur seemed to imply the same.

“As Mississippi State pass rusher Montez Sweat slid down the board due to reports about a heart issue, the word got out that Mayock and Gruden were going to scoop him up,” Tafur wrote this week.

So who got it right and who got it wrong?

Because someone is way off on this one… and we, as faithful consumers, would like to know who.

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  1. King was in the room, was he not? Think I’d have to go with him on this one.

      1. Ah, interesting. Still inclined to go with his version, he had a lot of detail in that report.

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