Conflicting Reports Regarding Raiders Interest In Reggie Ragland

It seems no player has been “mocked” to the Raiders at pick 14 more than Reggie Ragland. Despite an outstanding close to his college career at Alabama, Ragland has undoubtedly been the most polarizing player linked to the Raiders. Questions surrounding his athleticism and cover skills have led many to conclude that the unanimous first team All-American won’t translate into a three-down linebacker in the NFL.

While there’s no shortage of opinions on Ragland’s NFL projections, the Raiders, of course, remain a mystery. While we know the Raiders met with Ragland extensively at the Senior Bowl, there have been conflicting reports regarding the team’s interest.

Vic Tafur, of the San Francisco Chronicle, said in no uncertain terms that the Raiders will not take Ragland at pick 14. Tafur said the Raiders like Michigan State OT Jack Conklin, but after keeping Donald Penn and adding Kelechi Osemele, the pick is more likely to be a defensive back or the McKenzie special – a trade down.

Nevertheless, there’s more than a little buzz around Ragland and the Raiders – some coming from respected and well-connected former scout, Greg Gabriel, who acknowledged in a recent mock draft that the Raiders “are said to be enthralled with [Ragland’s] traits.”

Most project Ragland’s best fit to be at inside linebacker in a 3-4 scheme which doesn’t mean a lot from the Raiders perspective. Ken Norton Jr.’s defense showed primarily 3-4 fronts before losing Aldon Smith, and reverted to mostly 4-3 fronts without Smith.

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14 thoughts on “Conflicting Reports Regarding Raiders Interest In Reggie Ragland

  1. There’s no way Reggie drafts a 2 down prospect @14, he’s going to get an impact player who will make the team around him better, and that chops the list of first round prospects down to just a few names. Lee would be a much better scheme fit then Lofto- I mean Ragland, and Elliot is a no brainer. Rankins, Chris Jones, or even Henry are better overall picks then Ragland. JOSEPH would be a better pick @14, he will def be picked before Ragland tomorrow.

  2. I hope they don’t take Reggie, I know everyone remembers the last alabama MLB we drafted ( for those who don’t his name was Rolando McClain) . let’s just say that didn’t do very well. I don’t trust any of those crimson tide players

    1. Ah exactly what I was thinking! Hopefully jack falls to us! Screw it might as well go for the high risk high reward.

  3. Reggie Ragland is not Rolando McClain, just like William Jackson III is not DJ Hayden, just like Derek Carr is not David Carr! You evaluate the player on his own merit and skills, not on other players that are from the same college that play the same position or on their brother!! Jack and Reggie will pick somebody that fits and will be solid, and if it’s Reggie Ragland, then he will be awesome. Trust them, they know a lot more than anybody that posts here! GO RAAAAIDERS!

  4. Ummmmm did you forget about Amari Cooper? How about eddy lacy? Draft is a casino and sometimes you don’t always get what you want.

    1. I like the kid with the Ole Miss kid,I think the leadership in the lockeroom will gel+if you can’t get D.Henry in the 3rd watch4 the Marshall kid out of Georgia(I see Terrell Davis in that guy)

  5. I like rags he is an old school thumper.I will admit I was a Lil skeptical because of ro but like someone on here said you judge a man bye his own for Lee if you watch the film on him I think we should just wait because kentrell brothers is a similar player that could be had on day 2 as for the dt spot it’s tuff to say I have scouted most of the kids projected to go to us and there all so similar why not just take day from the Irish since they will be a rotation player anyway I would like to trade down and acquire more picks and try to land Derrick Henry in the 2nd.

  6. Here’s my big board (guys like Ramsey and elliot aren’t on there bc they won’t fall to us).

    1. Myles Jack
    2. Sheldon Rankins
    3. Vernon Hargreaves
    4. A’Shawn Robinson
    5. William Jackson III

  7. You might not like my brother, I’m the older of 7…my brother is not McClain…my brother is going turn any program he goes to around…fig can believe that…do for you raiders fans that hate Alabama players…don’t get it twisted…it’s not the college is the player’s character…Reggie Ragland is NOT Cookie cutter player!

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