Cordarrelle Patterson on Marquette King: People Didn’t Like Him

Not long after the Raiders released Marquette King, a report surfaced that King’s antics weren’t as well received inside the Raiders locker room as it may have been perceived.

This quote was from The Athletic’s Vic Tafur shortly after King’s release:

“People in the building and King’s teammates were not too surprised at his being released. The flamboyant social media star was perceived as hard to handle and teammates looked at him differently after a 2017 Pro Bowl tweet that showed him having his chain playfully tugged by then-Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib.”

One of the players that wasn’t keen on King’s behavior was obviously Bruce Irvin, but Cordarrelle Patterson, who was recently traded by the Raiders to the Patriots, offered more perspective on Wednesday.

“I like [Marquette King],” Patterson said. “He’s a little different, but he’s a good guy. He love his wine. He always called me after every game like ‘let’s go get some wine.'”

“People didn’t like him though. He was kinda like a diva, but he wasn’t. He really didn’t show it that much, but like, he was crazy, man. He had fun though.”

“I respect him as a person, but he just did things a little different…”

Patterson certainly didn’t throw King under the bus, but he did confirm an important aspect of King’s status in the Raiders locker room – players on the team didn’t all enjoy King’s personality as much as his social media following seemed to enjoy it.

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  1. If that was the ONLY reason King was let go,kinda dumb. Hopefully the decision won’t bite us on the ***.

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