Cory Littleton Addressed His Slow Start With Raiders, Vaguely Referenced Coaches, Too

Cory Littleton was the prize of the Raiders free agent class, but he has been arguably the team’s most disappointing defensive player after three games. His 29.8 overall PFF grade is among the lowest at his position in the league.

Littleton spoke to the media on Thursday and expressed disappointment with his play, but also made an interesting reference to his coaches.

“The only thing I can do is do what is coached to me and try to put on the best performance I can,” Littleton said on Thursday after practice. “So far, it hasn’t been that great, but hey that’s football. There’s upswings and downswings.  Hopefully get back on track and be the player I want to be.”

It’s no secret that Raiders defensive coordinator Paul Guenther has been teetering on the coaching hot seat, but this was supposed to be the season that Guenther put it all together. Unfortunately, the Raiders offseason upgrade in defensive talent hasn’t paid off to this point.

Littleton didn’t call out his coaches with his statement, but he didn’t distance them from his early season struggles, either. If the Raider defense doesn’t improve in the next few weeks, don’t be surprised if a few more defensive players make subtle references about what they are being coached to do.

From Guenther’s perspective, it’s safe to say the 2020 class of free agents is working with a much longer leash than he is. In other words, if changes need to be made this time around, it will be the defensive coordinator getting the pink slip and not the players.

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20 thoughts on “Cory Littleton Addressed His Slow Start With Raiders, Vaguely Referenced Coaches, Too

  1. Guenther is not clicking with his players for whatever reason. Maybe the players tuned him out or they are not comprehending his teaching style. Something is broken and needs to be fixed. Changes should be made sooner rather than later. If the Raiders get blown out at home this week it will be tough for Gruden not to make changes since 90% of raider nation want Guenther on a bus out of town. Gruden isn’t the best judge of talent or ability. So time will tell

  2. Coach Gruden has got to stop players that are hurt! He made #20DamonArnette play hurt and now he will be out 6 to 8 weeks!

    That messed up!!!

  3. I was warned that he doesnt like to hit from a Rams fan.
    Missed tackles and not hitting the ball carrier has nothing to do with coaching only whether he wants to play Football and not flag football.

  4. Littleton is right I don’t understand why the raiders stay with Gunther he’s not that good of a defense of coach he’s been there 3 years an the raiders defense still has not changed for the good sometimes the defense don’t hit there gaps an can’t stop the run or put pressure on the quarterback that’s sad gruden need to start looking for a defense of coordinator can’t change things around

  5. I know what he means. I am not a fan of Guenther’s defense either. He doesn’t seem to have knowledge of today’s offenses. Or his theories don’t seem to work in real time. We always seem to be a step behind. As for Littleton, Morrow, Joyner. and a few others, they need to work on their tackling skills. Even bad coaches aren’t the blame for lousy tackling.

  6. What fkn **** show and pathetic display of futility. PG needs to go and bring in Wade Phillips or even that former coach of the jets. What’s his name?

  7. Littleton is a base 3-4 linebacker being asked to play in a 4-3 scheme. I sure miss the days when football players could just play their position. If you were a linebacker, you were a linebacker. You could be a linebacker in a 3-4, 4-3 or a 4-2-5. Didn’t matter. Guenther needs to figure this out fast.

  8. Am a huge Raider fan, but our Defense is worst than I thought. Giving up 250 yards rushing yards, is as bad as it gets. Blitz!! Blitz!! Blitz!!!

  9. Hopefully his slump is due to not having a preseason to warm up, and they come back from the bye week, healed amd ready to start stealing the ball, so Carr can sling it into the end zone

  10. If a football player is a bum, than ge is a bum. A grown man making millons of dollars can not be coach to tackle, stop being scare Littleton

  11. Players need to be held accountable, they’re being payed millions of dollars in most cases to play their position. Coaches coach and also need to be held accountable if a group is collectively playing poorly, but coaches don’t get onto the game field, so unless his DB coach or the DC is blatantly telling him to get burnt and miss taxes this is on thyer. I too want our defense to play lights out, but if we continue pointing blame instead of correcting our own actions, the same culture will just continue. Be accountable!

  12. Ballers ball no matter what system there in. Average types need others to help there game, he’s above average so he should be balling in certain situations. Now just put ur head down and get to work, we like ur game out here in Nor Cal, but make plays to build momentum. No fans, means get riled up so big plays are made by everyone. Have fun man! N

  13. Need to do something, NE gashed us and that was not supposed to happen with the upgrades we made this off-season.

  14. Sign “Burfict” #55?
    Before his Hit Suspension, Burfict had the Defense playing better than they have in year’s?
    Wake up Mayock and get his *** in here?
    Peace ☮️ From TRock62 😎

  15. Their defense has sucked for years. They don’t blitz and they don’t stack the line. They are not an aggressive defense.Their whole game plan looks like prevent defense. A good quarterback will have a field day because he’ll have all the time in the world. GET THE QUARTERBACK!!!!

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