Could It Come Down To The Raiders And Browns For Mychal Kendricks?

Free agent linebacker Mychal Kendricks has visited the Vikings and the Raiders and is reportedly visiting the Browns on Friday.

After balking at the opportunity to pay NaVorro Bowman, it seems the Raiders would be unlikely to throw money at Kendricks, but at least one NFL insider seems to believe Kendricks’ future could come down to either the Browns or the Raiders.

Kendricks went to high school in Fresno and played college football at Cal, so he does have ties to the Bay Area.

Of course, the Browns are also interested in Kendricks and with nearly $70 million in salary cap room, Cleveland can easily outbid anyone and everyone.

The Raiders currently sit at just under $3.8 million in cap room, according to, but could easily create room by re-working a contract or two.

Whatever happens with Kendricks, the Raiders will at some point have to get serious about addressing the position. Another year of playing around at inside linebacker shouldn’t even be a consideration after the past few years.

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3 thoughts on “Could It Come Down To The Raiders And Browns For Mychal Kendricks?

  1. They just don’t care about the position (mlb) as good as Bowman played last year I’m sure everyone thought he was a no brainer to bring back, and with our GM being a linebacker his whole career you’d think they would address this position and even Del-Rio being a linebacker they still didn’t address it, baffling!! I thought for sure when Edmounds was still there at 15 he was gonna be wearing Silver & black for sure, maybe next year,

  2. Do you think Mack would be upset if they franchised tagged him for a year ? I’m sure they want to sign him long term but maybe this isn’t the year to do it

    1. Mack already under contract for this upcoming year. No need to tag unless they are unable to work out an extension by end of 2018/19 season. They’ll pay the man his due soon… likely done before training camp.

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