Could Kiko Alonso be Headed to the Raiders?

The Raiders need a linebacker and Kiko Alonso is a name that keeps coming up as a possibility. Here’s what we know as of Saturday night about Alonso’s uncertain status with the Dolphins…

Alonso wants out of Miami.

At some point during camp, Alonso requested a trade. Considering his cost and less-than-ideal fit with the new scheme, both team and player should be motivated to make something happen. 

The Raiders are interested.

If reports this week are true, the Raiders are one of the teams that have been inquiring about Alonso. There is no question the Raiders are going to add a linebacker in the next day or two as they only have four linebackers currently on the roster.

For now, Alonso is on the Dolphins 53-man roster.

Miami won’t want to give Alonso away, so they’ll operate as though he’s not going anywhere for as long as possible. If the Raiders want him, how far into the week do they want to hold out for the Dolphins to cut him? And how long do the Dolphins want to occupy a roster spot with a player that they don’t want around and doesn’t want to be there? 

Cameron Wolfe on Twitter

Kiko Alonso is on Dolphins initial 53-man roster right now after some trade conversations. Looked like both sides were headed for separation but together for now. We’ll see if that stays that way heading into regular season.

Alonso already cleaned out his locker in Miami. 

If Alonso has already cleaned out his locker, he knows enough to know he won’t be around much longer.

The Raiders can survive a week without Alonso.

The Dolphins can play stubborn all they want, but the Raiders can always go another direction. If it’s down to just the Raiders as a potential suitor for Alonso, there’s no reason Mayock and Gruden can’t win the staring contest.

After all, if a player is a little overpaid, the team doesn’t want him, and the player desperately wants out… shouldn’t buyer have all the leverage?

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