Could NaVorro Bowman Re-Sign With The Raiders Around The Start Of Training Camp?

Is NaVorro Bowman still in the mix to re-join the Raiders?

While nothing is imminent, Steve Corkran, who has covered the Raiders for more than 20 years, believes Jon Gruden may be inclined to fall back to Bowman around the time that training camp begins.

“Head coach Jon Gruden loves veteran players, and Morrow and Lee are anything but,” Corkran said via his new website

“Bowman is an ideal fit for Gruden and his vision for what he wants on the field when it comes to his defense. Time is on Gruden’s side right now, given all his linebackers made it through the offseason workouts and organized team activities without injury. He can play up how good his linebackers look for weeks to come, but sooner or later, he is going to have to decide whether he truly wants one of those guys on the field for the regular-season opener.”

As of now, the Raiders seem to be banking on Derrick Johnson and Tahir Whitehead, but when the pads come on, where will Nicholas Morrow, Emmanuel Lamur, and Marquel Lee factor in? For that matter, does Gruden really trust 35 year-old Derrick Johnson to hold up in the middle of the defense on early downs because Johnson hasn’t historically excelled against the run.

Realistically, if Lee doesn’t satisfy Gruden on early downs, there is a good chance the Raiders won’t have a choice other than to go shopping. If that happens, Bowman has to be at the top of Gruden’s list.

But here’s the gamble with being patient. 32 teams are entering training camp in less than six weeks so what happens if a starting linebacker from any of the other 31 teams goes down with injury early in camp?

Bowman would instantly gain leverage and become even more difficult to re-sign.

For years the Raiders have been gambling at linebacker. Last year, Bowman showed up in week seven and for the rest of the year played as well as anyone on the defense not named Khalil Mack or Bruce Irvin.

Ideally, that scenario won’t be counted on to play out again this year.

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4 thoughts on “Could NaVorro Bowman Re-Sign With The Raiders Around The Start Of Training Camp?

  1. The Raiders arent seriously looking Bowman at this point. If he was seriously on their radar, they would’ve used what they spent on Derrick Johnson and ponied up the money to get him into minicamp so he could begin learning the new system. I think they sign Bowman only in case of injury at this point.

  2. I cant understand why he wasn’t resigned in the first place. He produced for them last year and there’s no reason to believe he wouldn’t this year. Stop playing possum and pay him

  3. I say stand pat with the linebackers you have. Those young guys could really surprise you. If they are coached properly you probably have a gem in Morrow. Stand firm and let D Johnson help bring these guys along. Then pay Mack to get him on the field.
    Everyone starts out young at their respective positions but I believe these guys could come through

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