Could The Raiders Be Forced To Leave Their Name And Colors In Oakland?

Could the Raiders be losing the silver and black?

“We will look at all legal options,” said attorney James Quinn, who said he has been attained by a diverse group of local interests to “keep NFL football in Oakland and hopefully Raider NFL football.”

“I’ve had experience over the years dealing with the NFL. They are a tough bunch, but when you look at their track record with litigation it’s not particularly good. They usually lose.”

Quinn said there’s “something seriously wrong” with the fact that the owners profit each time they vote to relocate a team and abandon a local fan base.

So what are the legal options Quinn and his group are considering?

Based on Monday’s press conference, it’s very possible the battle will involve the Raiders’ name and colors – and possibly more. As noted by ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio, there is precedent to a city keeping a team’s name, colors, and records when it’s professional football team leaves for another market.

Is that something that could happen to the Raiders when they bolt for Las Vegas?

Crazy as it sounds, it may ultimately take a courtroom to decide.

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