Damon Arnette Injury Was The Result of Friendly Fire From Teammate Johnathan Abram

According to an NFL Network report on Tuesday, the thumb injury (or re-injury as it may be) Damon Arnette sustained on Sunday may keep him out of action for as many as six weeks.

Ironically, the damage done to Arnette’s thumb was the result of friendly fire, so to speak.

It was fellow defensive back Nevin Lawson that tripped Arnette, but a look at the CBS replay actually shows that Johnathan Abram, for some reason, pushed Lawson into Arnette causing him to fall awkwardly on his hand.

Maybe Abram was just holding himself up, but it sure looks like he put a shove into Lawson well after both players were out of bounds.

A little extra or was it unavoidable on Abram’s part?

Abram is responsible for some of the Raiders’ best and worst film through three games, and now he seems to have been a factor in what sounds like a significant injury to Arnette’s hand. The good news is the Raiders actually have a little depth at cornerback this year, so they should be able to hold up until Arnette returns…


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5 thoughts on “Damon Arnette Injury Was The Result of Friendly Fire From Teammate Johnathan Abram

  1. When I saw it live I was thinking there is another injury on a play well out of bounds.
    At this point I am starting to question whether or not he is just an idiot.
    He was a mile behind on this play and just wanted to look involved.
    I also think Gruden plays guys that are hurt and that is also very stupid.

  2. Looked a lot like the same old Raiders of the last ten or so years to me. No run support, out of gaps ect. If Carr don’t get to go to Waller then he looks lost. Need to use Renfrow and Agolor more. Hope I spelled both their names right 🤣

  3. He’s trying to push Lawson into the ball carrier. Lawson has effort issues. Keep pushing them Abram!!!

  4. #20DamonArnette shouldn’t have been out there in the first place, until he’s 100% healed you #31IsaiahJohnson, #21AmikRobertson, #22KeiseanNelson, #26NevinLawson and #29LamarcusJoyner to play. Instead Coach Gruden, who’s concerned with his players injuries put Arnette out there so he can reinjured his thump and be put “IR” for 6 months!

    And now, Coach Gruden is the same thing with Free Safty #24JonathanAbram and #28JoshJacobs, instead of letting them rest and heal!

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