Daughter: Ken Stabler Knew it Would Taking Him Passing to Make it into the Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame quarterback Ken Stabler is the Raiders all-time leader in career passing yards, but his record stands to be broken this weekend by Derek Carr, who is only 80 yards shy of Stabler’s record.

Stabler’s daughter, Kendra Stabler Moyes, was a guest on the Raider Cody Podcast on Thursday and said her dad would have been glad to see a player like Carr break the record. She called Derek a “true Raider” and said that the Stabler family wished they could be at the game this weekend to congratulate him. She also offered a sad sentiment from her dad and his far-too-late induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

“My dad knew it would take him passing away to put him in [the Hall of Fame],” Moyes said of her father. “I don’t know what vendettas are against him or even other Raiders, but it’s obvious that it’s there. There are a lot of players that are more than deserving. Cliff Branch and coach [Tom] Flores, and then we could go on and on. It’s a shame, but my dad would always say ‘it’s not going to change the way I put my socks on tomorrow.’ …. but he knew. He knew it wasn’t going to happen until he passed away.”

Unfortunately, as Moyes pointed out, Cliff Branch recently became the next Raider legend to pass away before being inducted into the HOF. Branch retired from the NFL in 1985 and went 34 years without being recognized among the greatest wide receivers to ever play the game.

For what it’s worth, the Stabler family still has not received a gold jacket from the Pro Football Hall of Fame as the policy of the foundation is that the families of deceased inductees do not receive a jacket. It’s a strange position for the HOF to take but one that they explained a few years ago:

“While the iconic bronzed busts are created to memorialize every member of the Hall of Fame, the Hall of Fame Ring and Gold Jacket are items presented to living Hall of Fame members to be worn exclusively by them as evidence and pride of their having been elected to sport’s most elite fraternity. At no time in its 53-year history has the Hall of Fame presented either of these personal adornments posthumously or retroactively to a family member of a deceased Hall of Famer. The Hall of Fame believes, to the greatest extent possible, it should avoid creating or contributing to family disputes relative to ownership as well as the potential public sale or distribution of items intended for the exclusive use by a Hall of Famer.“

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  1. There are no y many Oakland Raiders that belong in the HOF. QB Daryl Lamonica is one that should have been inducted 40 years ago .

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