David Carr: Derek And Antonio Brown Working Together “Literally Every Day”

For all the rumors, theories, and stories about Derek Carr’s status with the Raiders over the past few months, probably the most realistic take on what Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock plan to do came Wednesday from Derek’s oldest brother, David.

“I will say that we don’t know,” David Carr told NFL Network’s Dave Damesheck. “Just like everybody else, don’t let me in here to your no-jive platform and say that 100% Derek’s going to be the quarterback. I don’t know. Are you kidding me? I would have told you that you’re crazy if you told me Khalil Mack wasn’t going to be a Raider. Or Amari Cooper. Right? But they’re not Raiders anymore. So I think it’s very real because Derek sees the same thing, he’s a human being, he’s like ‘well I think we have a good relationship, me and Jon get along well.’ They text all the time, they’re communicating about all these moves and throw ins, but you don’t know… we don’t know, man.”

David Carr also brought up a little thought that was referenced around here not long ago. How open would Antonio Brown be to the idea of trading Carr? Remember, Brown has been clear that his plan is to track down Jerry Rice in the record books and a rookie quarterback would more than likely be a speed bump to those plans.

“[Gruden] might have an issue with Antonio [Brown] if you decide not to [keep Carr] now that they’ve kind of developed a little bit of two weeks of fun together,” [David] Carr added. “I’m just saying, you said you didn’t see any baggage, just go ahead and make a move like that and see what happens.”

David Carr also added that Derek and Antonio Brown have thrown the ball together “like literally every day” since Brown moved to the Bay Area. If all goes as planned, the hard work now will translate to big year for the Raider offense.

A portion of the NFL Network video can be viewed below.

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