David Carr: Derek And Jon Gruden Are Going To Be Neighbors In Las Vegas

“Don’t you kind of feel like the coach doesn’t like him?”

That was the question Fox Sports Radio host Colin Cowherd asked this week in response to Jon Gruden paying a compliment to third string quarterback, Nathan Peterman.

It’s the fake news story with more lives than a New York City sewer cat, but national media members love it and a few local scribes don’t get enough the credit for fanning the flames.

NBC Sports Mike Florio said last week that he has serious doubts that Carr will make it to Las Vegas with the Raiders, but there would one issue if that were part of the plan – Carr’s neighbor in Vegas is apparently none other than… his head coach.

Yes, according David Carr, Derek is finishing a home in Las Vegas next to Gruden. They are going to be neighbors.

Raider Cody on Twitter

So let me get this straight, Derek Carr & Jon Gruden bought a house next to each other in Las Vegas? They’re neighbors? This is exciting. Volume up 🔊🔊🔊 https://t.co/vX1NvNtaL5

It’s the NFL so of course anything can happen. Gruden did trade away Khalil Mack, but if he pulls a similar stunt and trades in his Carr, the head ball coach would really be straining the relationship with his neighbor.

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