David Carr: Jordy Nelson Fills Leadership Void In Raiders Locker Room

According to David Carr (brother of Derek), the addition of Jordy Nelson addressed more than just a need on the field – it also filled a leadership void in the Raiders locker room.

Jordy Nelson is going to be great for [the Raiders] locker room,” Carr said Monday on NFL Network’s Total Access. “And I say that having inside knowledge a little bit about what happens in that locker room.”

“They needed a guy in the wide receiver room that knew how to do it correctly, that can show them by experience, show them by the way that he does it, and I think he’s going to be great for Amari Cooper.”

Carr didn’t mention Michael Crabtree by name, but considering all the negative reports surrounding Crabtree in the past few months, there are probably some Crabtree implications to Carr’s enthusiasm for Nelson.

Unless, of course, Carr is talking about the leadership void left in the Raiders locker room in the five minutes between Crabtree’s release and Nelson’s signing.

Yeah, probably not.

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4 thoughts on “David Carr: Jordy Nelson Fills Leadership Void In Raiders Locker Room

  1. David Carr was also the one calling for Todd Downing, how he is gonna be so great and give Derek what he needed. He needs to stay out of it and let Derek think for himself.

    1. David Carr has said that Downing was in over his head, and that he was surprised Downing lasted as long as he did.

  2. It seems obvious that Crabtree was a locker room cancer. I’m not sure why that only just dropped up this past season, though…..strange.
    The most important guy to get going on the offense is Cooper because he is the most explosive player we have. I think Nelson helps polish up his game a bit

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