David Carr On Khalil Mack’s Holdout: For A Defensive End, I’m Not As Concerned

Players aren’t talking a lot about Khalil Mack’s holdout, but the brother of an important Raider is.

Speaking on NFL Network’s Total Access, David Carr gave his thoughts on Mack’s holdout, and for now at least, he isn’t particularly worried about where things are headed.

“For a defensive end, I’m not as concerned,” David Carr said on Monday.

“Because I really feel like I know Khalil is staying in shape. He talks to Derek routinely, he’s training hard, he’s going to be a dominant player next year when he shows up for Paul Guenther and Jon Gruden’s team. He can roll out of bed and put pressure on the quarterback. He could roll out of bed and play the C-gap or the outside contain and stuff guys trying to block him, so I’m not as concerned about timing.”

Carr isn’t the first to emphasize the point that Mack’s position is a little different from other positions in that his duties aren’t nearly as complex as the positions behind him (i.e. linebackers and safeties).

In fact, if there is a silver lining to Mack’s holdout, it’s that Arden Key has been able to get additional reps during team sessions – and every indication is that Key is having a great start to the summer.

As for how Mack’s holdout is going to end, Carr believes a long-term extension is around the corner:

“Khalil will show up. He will eventually get paid what he deserves.”

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7 thoughts on “David Carr On Khalil Mack’s Holdout: For A Defensive End, I’m Not As Concerned

  1. They should let him play for what his contract says, and then franchise tag him for the next two years. Quit letting these players dictate the terms, hell with Mack. No loyalty to the Raiders…just cares about his agent. He has under-performed for years, still waiting to reach his potential. The logic of not going to camp because he doesn’t want to get hurt, that is pure greed. So once he is paid, he doesn’t care about anything else–NFL teams need players who want to win. What do you think a winning franchise like New England would say to Mack? I guess it just goes to show most Raiders fans are spineless and destined to be losers. It is even more hilarious how everyone insists Brady skipping OTA is a HUUUGE DEAL, but for Mack it is totally fine. I guess Raider fans are so use to losing and getting walked by the org, that they can’t even stand up for themselves anymore.

    1. Huh? Underperformed? I didn’t know that a DPOTY award and 2x All-Pro (DE and LB) in 4 years was underperforming…

  2. He’ll get his contract before training camp starts. As far as the Raiders D. C. calling Mack out, that’s media hype. He just stated the obvious he’ll have some catching up to do! Khalil once signed will catch up quickly. RAIDER NATION

  3. Zoshiro
    You spoke like a true patriots fan.
    I guess you would love to have Mack walk so your pathetic patriots could try to steal him. Well Mack is a Raider for life and will get paid as such. His holding out isn’t a big deal because we all know the Raiders will open their wallets when the time comes.
    And yes a Brady hold out is devestating to the Patriots because there is no one on that team to take up the QB position except Brady.
    As far as Raiders fans being spineless we will accept that since we don’t try to cheat to win or have rule changes mid game to win. But I bet there isn’t 1 NFL team that is circling the Raiders as a guaranteed win further more not 1 team is excited to see the silver and black.
    So take your fanfare back to your Patriots

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