David Carr Says Derek “Feels Like He Let His Team Down”

Think you’re take the news hard on Derek Carr’s injury? Chances are, Derek is taking much harder.

David Carr was on the NFL Network set when news broke of his brother’s injury and talked about how Derek was feeling.

“I can already sense it just in my text messages back and forth with him. He’s not feeling too hot right now. He feels like he let his team down.”

Jack Del Rio on Monday afternoon told reporters that when he told Carr about the news, Derek’s response was with an apology. “Sorry,” he told his coach.

Carr recently said that one of his favorite moments as an athlete was when his teammates came and hugged him in the locker room after the broken fibula he suffered in December.

“I was in the X-ray room with my wife, and instantly, when the game ended, every single teammate… just came in and hugged me,” Carr told NFL Network’s Mike Silver in September. “A few of them were crying, which didn’t help me. That let me know know, one. I don’t want to go anywhere else, and I would do anything for these guys. And two, the fact that they cared that much about me, because I know how much I care about them. The fact that they care the same about me, that was one of my favorite moments as an athlete.”

Unfortunately, just nine months later, Carr is in a similar place again. This time he’s expected to return in 2-6 weeks.

Anyone betting against the earlier of those estimations?

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4 thoughts on “David Carr Says Derek “Feels Like He Let His Team Down”

  1. Maybe if those anti-national anthem front line would not have let him get trampled in Washington, he could still be in the game.

    1. Ya, ever since last week when they were more worried about where they were going during the national anthem. “The raiders were going to stay in the locker room, but they couldn’t because of the game time” is what the announcers kept saying, and all I saw was a bunch of guys who didn’t even care about football…with our 25 million dollar man, who can’t throw his way down the field to save our lives! I think our oline is an over rated joke. Reggie played that stupid game and gave in, and now all the oline is playing like they are entitled to free money to sit out there and give up sack after sack after sack, and no give any room for our runners. Joke team, so much potential, but these coaches are dismal. Our offense wasn’t the problem for most of last year, except when Murray was out, and when Carr went out at the end.

      1. Amen. I’ve never seen anything so disgusting in professional sports in my life. I love the Raiders. That hurt me to my soul. I am just sick inside knowing that the offense of line turn their back on their quarterback. Besides kneeling or standing doesn’t matter Derek Car is such a hell of a person and a great human being that I can’t believe his own team, “who I think Derek would gladly lay down his life for any of his offense of lineman or anybody on the team), his own guys would do this to him.

  2. I only watched one game this past weekend and this was it. What a joke. I have little doubt the rumor of allowing Derick to “stand alone on the field” is true. And if anyone runs into that washed up Lynch let him know, it’s not “everyone vs Trump,” it’s AMERICANS vs YOUR DISRESPECT! I won’t spend another minute watching this circus or spend another dime on it.

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