Deion Sanders: Derek Carr Is “The Next Big Thing” At Quarterback

Deion Sanders is a believer in Derek Carr.

“I think [Carr] is class personified,” Sanders told his NFL Network co-host Ike Taylor in a segment on Friday. “He is the next big thing at the quarterback position.”

Sanders said that while Carr is deserving of a new deal, Odell Beckham is the NFL player most in need of a new contract, adding that the Giants risk “disruption” and “inconsistency” from their superstar wide receiver if he isn’t given the extension he is seeking.

Carr has indicated that he will not hold out if an extension is not reached with the Raiders before the season begins, but was also clear that he won’t negotiate a new deal once training camp begins. By that time frame, the Raiders and Carr have six weeks to reach a deal before the stakes will be significantly raised for both sides by Carr playing out the final year of his rookie contract.

That said, very few (if any) believe the Raiders and Carr won’t reach an extension in the coming weeks. It simply makes too much sense for both sides to get a deal done now.

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