Del Rio: “I Never Felt Like I Got The Guys I Needed” As Raiders Coach

Former Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio has been mostly quiet in the 16 months since he was fired, but he offered a few interesting thoughts this week in an interview with NFL Network’s Brooke Cersosimo.

Notably, Del Rio pointed out that both Jacksonville and Oakland got worse after firing him.

“Not really, no, [I wouldn’t have done anything differently in Oakland],” Del Rio said of whether he had any regrets from his time with the Raiders. “Maybe [I should have] spoken up about personnel issues that weren’t going how I wanted them to go. That’s probably the one area that’s a little frustrating. I had two stints as a head coach and the guys that I worked with were good guys, but I never felt like I got the guys I needed. That’s hard to deal with, and I think that’s why Coach Saban went back to college. He couldn’t pick his own players. I think there’s an element to that that’s a little frustrating. Beyond that, I don’t have any regrets. I think we did a good job in both [Oakland and Jacksonville]. In both places, the team got worse when I left. We were doing some good things. We brought the Raiders to a place they hadn’t been in over a decade. … I grew up a Raiders fan and to be able to bring them back to the playoffs, I’m proud of that.”

For what it’s worth, it was no secret that Del Rio and the Raiders personnel department didn’t see eye to eye toward the end of his time as head coach. Del Rio did voice his frustration at the time, but often get what he wanted.

As for the Raiders current roster, JDR doesn’t seem particularly impressed by the team’s decision to add Antonio Brown.

“I love the talent, but [Antonio Brown] has clearly shown that he’s going to be a pain in the a–,” Del Rio said of the Raiders new star receiver. “He’s a very talented guy and I would love to have him. I would work with him no problem. If [players] have talent, you tend to tolerate it a little bit unless it becomes disruptive to your team. He’s going to have to learn that to really help the team. If he continues doing the things he’s been doing, just like he upset the Steelers, he’s going to upset the next team he’s on. There are certain things — I mean, this is America and he’s free to do what he wants — but those aren’t the things that are indicative of a good teammate. The working hard and being a good player definitely helps the team, which is why he’ll continue to get chances to be special until his skills deteriorate. That’s when people will get tired of him.”

As for Derek Carr’s status with the Raiders, Del Rio doesn’t think Carr is a big fan of the team kicking the tires on first-round quarterbacks. In a separate NFL Network interview, Del Rio was asked about what he thought Carr might be thinking right now.

“Despite having Derek, there were enough rumblings last year during the season that the possibility must exist and I think they’re taking a good full look at everybody available… “[Derek] doesn’t like it,” Del Rio speculated. “I think I saw a tweet (points at his eyes) where he kind of put that out there like he’s watching them and we’re all watching. I know I loved having [Derek], he was a terrific quarterback for us, led us to 12-4 in our second year and I have a lot of respect for Derek, and I don’t think he likes [them looking at the quarterbacks].”

By the way… less three weeks now to the draft.

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8 thoughts on “Del Rio: “I Never Felt Like I Got The Guys I Needed” As Raiders Coach

  1. I liked JDR. Heavy emphasis on “liked”. He should be a bigger man and keep his mouth shut.

    1. I Loved JDR…and it was apparent that the players did as well. JDR downfall was not firing Norton sooner and the rotation of OCs was disruptive…but it was refreshing as a Raider fan after decades of being bad team.

  2. Come on, JDR… can blame Player Personnel selections, all you want, but true Raider fans know that what killed your coaching tenure with the Raiders, was you promoting Downing as your O.C. While you may have had your differences with Musgrave, he played a huge part in getting Carr and the Team, to a 12-4 in his 2nd year calling the offense. Thinking that you could promote Carr’s “buddy” to be your O.C. was a huge mistake on your part. Promoting Downing, a first-time-ever O.C. to be for all intents and purposes, the boss to coaches like Mike Tice, was career suicide by you. It became readily apparent, early-on, that Downing was in way over his head, If us fans could easily see it on Sundays, you know that the locker room had to be an awful place to have to report to every day of the week.

  3. Fucking reggie McKenzie drove the team in the ground. He was such a worthless, piece of **** GM. I dont care what anyone says, he sucked and rode that 2014 draft for yrs. Del Rio is just as good as Gruden, if not better, but hes getting MUCH better players because he has a real Gm

  4. Hey Del Rio, you know what you could have changed? Taking Derek out in that Colts game when we had a great lead and it was the 3rd Quarter. But no he ends up getting injured and we lose him then go to the playoffs and have to use a rookie QB. SMH…….

  5. reggie was a horrible GM. He couldn’t draft worth a **** (how many 2nd round picks did he blow?) and the contracts he handed out where laughable.

    Reggie is a country bumpkin in a room full of wolves…other GM’s just took advantage of him whenever they could.

    Del Rio’s tenure was strange. The entire Mike Tice mutiny thing at the end was something i never saw before in the nfl.

    IMO it all goes back to the Davis family….they are awful always have been awful and are the main reason the raiders sunk so low for almost 3 decades.

    al was out of touch and thought it was still 1973 the way he drafted, scouted, and ran the schemes…but he was heads and shoulders above his son mark.

    hopefully when they get to vegas one of the casinos or billionaires buy the davis family out

  6. After that 12-4 season came 2017 Game 3 vs the Redskins, and the O-line that only gave up 7 sacks in 2016, gave up 5 sacks and as many Knockdowns. They opened up like the Red Sea for Moses. Because Derek didn’t Kneel… He’s not been the same QB since.. Maybe that O-line should’ve put Team First, A Real HC would’ve Dealt with Them..

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