Derek Carr Could Return “As Early As Next Week”

There’s been optimism around Derek Carr’s back injury over the past 48 hours, but Friday brought the first strong speculation that Carr may actually return for the Chargers game.

If Carr is able to play against San Diego, he would be returning on the same timeframe that Tony Romo returned from a similar injury in 2014.

ESPN’s Dr. Robert Klapper indicated on twitter that the key to Carr’s recovery will be reaching a point where he is able to rotate the spine comfortably enough to throw the football.

Based on video of Carr throwing at Raiders practice, Klapper’s benchmark is one that has already reached.

If Carr has been dropped in your fantasy league… go ahead and pick him up.

For what it’s worth, the first whisper of Carr returning for the San Diego game actually came on Thursday.

But just so Eddie’s ego stays in check, he also said this on Thursday (and tried to sabotage fantasy rosters around the world)…

We’ll call it even, EB.

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