Derek Carr Thankful He Was Able to Make Up For What He Called “The Worst Throw I Have Ever Made”

After pulling off one of the most improbable comeback wins of the year, Derek Carr talked about where the final play call came from and how it came together in the moment.

“As soon as I saw them bringing an all-out blitz I knew where the ball was going, I just needed to buy a little time,” Carr told CBS in the postgame interview. “I knew I was going to Henry [Ruggs]. Coach made a call that we haven’t even called I don’t think ever, and sure enough in the back of his brain it was time for it.”

Carr also expressed regret for a throw he missed just before throwing the game winner.

“I’m just glad I got a chance to redeem myself from the worst throw I have ever made,” Carr continued, presumably referring to the previous play where he overthrew Nelson Agholor in the end zone.

Fortunately for everyone involved (except for maybe Trevor Lawrence), Gregg Williams went back to his bread and butter one too many times and Carr made the Jets pay for it on the next play.

A lot of theories have been swirling the internet as to why Williams called a cover-0 blitz on the final play, but the best explanation probably has more to do with Williams’ ego than anything else. More than likely he just wanted to make a statement by ending the game with a sack.

After all, in the middle of an 0-11 season that will reward the worst team in the league with the top quarterback in the draft… why not blitz on every play?

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    1. Agreed, have to play mistake free. Hence no late hits, offsides Running into the kicker crap. Time to get the stank face back.(like Carr had against the chiefs). All business.

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