Derek Carr To Fans Complaining About Sunday’s Win: “Just Celebrate and Enjoy It”

Following the Raiders 31-28 win on Sunday, a few media pundits and a handful of fans essentially treated the Raiders seventh win of the season like a loss. ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith started spreading the stupid just minutes after the game and some of his talking points gained a little traction among the fan base.

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OMG! Just when I was about to crucify Derek Carr fir just not being that guy, this dude for the horrible @nyjets, CB Lamar Jackson stupidly plants his feet and let’s Ruggs run right by him for a 46-yd TD with :05 sec left. The @nyjets are just Pathetic. Just horrible.

Derek Carr addressed the negativity on Monday and had a message for those complaining about the way the Raiders won.

“It’s the NFL, you take a win any way you can get it. It doesn’t matter if it’s by 40 or if it’s in the last second,” Carr said on Monday during his YouTube Live chat. “For people to even be questioning or whatever, who cares? We won the game on the last play. Just celebrate and enjoy it.”

Yes, it would have been nice to beat the winless Jets without the need for all the excitement at the end, but it’s worth noting that the Jets nearly beat the Bills (down by 2 with 7 minutes to play) and only lost to the Patriots by a field goal as time expired. It isn’t like the Jets are entirely void of talent. Their quarterback is healthy and the Jets defense has given the Raiders real problems in the past.

Furthermore, there were upsets all around the league over the last few days. This week alone, the undefeated Steelers lost to a Football Team, the Seahawks lost to the Giants (who started a backup quarterback), and the Chiefs almost lost to the Broncos (who also started a backup quarterback, though Lock has been woefully deemed their starter).

As for the criticism that Carr took personally after Sunday’s win, it’s worth noting (for the box score junkies) that Carr was the highest-scoring quarterback in fantasy football this week with 381 passing yards and four touchdowns (3 passing, 1 rushing). Believe it or not, these numbers came from a quarterback that was pressured on 45% of his drop backs, according to Pro Footaball Focus. Carr’s only interception of the game came on a short toss that Henry Ruggs used both hands to volley up in the air to a Jets defender.

It’s also worth pointing out that this all went down on a day that was 37 degrees and windy at kickoff. Remember when they said Derek couldn’t play in cold weather?

Remember when they said he couldn’t win at Arrowhead?

Remember when they said he had no future in Las Vegas?

Maybe that’s the crux of the problem. Too many trolls on the internet were rooting for those narratives to be true. Alas, even the basement trolls are having a disappointing 2020, just like everyone else.

We’re #Allinthistogether2020

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23 thoughts on “Derek Carr To Fans Complaining About Sunday’s Win: “Just Celebrate and Enjoy It”

    1. Absolutely right. At current, he is 8th in QBR and 8th in Passer Rating. He was similarly ranked last year, as well, in case anyone thought he might be playing above his head this season. He does need to cut down on the fumbles, though.

  1. The Jets have the ability to knock off any team at any given time. They lost to the Bills in a single possession game that the Jets were winning at halftime. Any team can lose to them and nobody wants to be that team. Based on the history of playing this team, especially in NY, I’ll take that win without complaint. As for the complainers, well, complainers will always find something to complain about.

    1. That’s right enjoy the win an move on to better things besides were not the ones on the field he is n he has to get ready for the next opponent witch they are not playing bad n defense needs to get ready for some tricky plays that the colts are going to throw at them let’s go just win baby Go Raidersssssss.

  2. Derek needs to tune out the whiners. When they get attention for their bawling it just intensifies them. Y’all know about about the p!$$!^g match with a skunk adage. Ignore them.

  3. Stephen A. Smith is an idiot. This guy has no value for the sports games in general. He should be doing play by play for curling…

  4. Carr is our guy. First of Stephan a. Smith is a terrible personality. He sucks don’t give a **** about his opinion. 2nd any given sunday is no joke.3rd just win baby.

  5. A win is a win ! This team here is not like raider teams of the past! ! Enjoy it! Let’s go rivers will be in Vegas . defence will have to hit him all game! There defence has some bad boys on it ! Let’s go RAIDERS!!!

  6. You all need to no that God has mr carrs back also and you never no when he well show up lm just saying

  7. This was intended to be a distraction, the league has always hated the Raider organization, but I say in his words”just win baby”. Get over it!!

  8. When the Jets got the ball with 1:38 left, I was done. I said they are going to kneel down 3 times and we lose. When we got the ball back, I couldn’t believe it!! Then we won!! Even more Unbelievable!! So yeah, I’ll enjoy it DC!! THANK YOU!!

  9. Carr you are doing a fantastic job ignore all the haters especially that idiot Smith just win baby just win

  10. How could anyone say they are a Raiders Fan when you your always blaming Carr yeah he’s our leader but that doesn’t mean he could win even one game on his own think about it can he block for himself sure he doesn’t always throw the ball where it should go but can you (talking about the haters)even throw a ball look at his stats before putting everything on him much love Carr of course the whole team and my Raiders brothers and sisters

  11. That’s right enjoy the win an move on to better things besides were not the ones on the field he is n he has to get ready for the next opponent witch they are not playing bad n defense needs to get ready for some tricky plays that the colts are going to throw at them let’s go just win baby Go Raidersssssss.

  12. Let’s make it to the playoffs, and then we’ll see how hungry we really are, just missing the right two pass and run rushers, other than that we’re champions, we have champion players, real talk people!!!! SouthernRaider1 speaks!

  13. I have said and been on DCs side since the beginning. How many coordinators and coaches has he had. Now he has talent around him. Same offense. Same coaching. He learned it and has control of it.
    And he is one of the most accurate passers in the league.
    A win is a win. And the raiders with Carr has turned the corner. Just win baby!

  14. Al said it best, “just win, baby”! Do we pick and choose how we win games now? I’m sorry but when it’s all said and done, I’ll take an ugly win in NY over the ‘pretty’ loss in Vegas to Kansas City. Bay Area remember a few years ago when the Warriors went 73-9 and the haters were focusing on the bad blood between Steve Kerr and Draymond Green? My point is those ‘weeds in the grass’ will always exist; you just have to decide if you wanna ignore then or spend the time on weeding then out. Raider for Life!

  15. Not to worry carr #4. Haters will always be Haters, were Raider nation Fans win or lose c’mon guys take it to the colts this sunday, were behind you Carr # 100 percent this could be the teams breakout game Raiders👍🙏👍Go RAIDERS. JAMES#52

  16. Yes, you take every win in the nfl and enjoy them because you can be beaten any Sunday and it was far better than the loss the week before. We still need to improve against the run and on defense in general jf we want to go anywhere in January

  17. A W is a W its not horseshoes almost doesnt count The NFL is exciting and the worst team has top notch elite athletes Its the organizations and the teams issue if there is no brotherhood and loyalty to your best players and surround them with the support they need to and do whatever to get Dubs
    like DC does he is not the greatest but he has guys to get **** done no matter what stanza the game is in You Mfs are real haters fair weather fans filled with artificial flavorins and colors SUCKERS

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