Did Jon Gruden Jump Kick Derek Carr In The Chin?

A great picture went up on Raiders.com this week.

It’s an image of Jon Gruden punishing his quarterback with a jump kick to the head as Derek Carr stands and takes it with open arms.

Maybe not, but there is a lot going on and the mind sometimes tries to fill in the blanks.

A few very wisdomous (that’s for you, Joey Tribbiani) observations… and additional theories on what in the world’s going on here:

5 – If not a malicious kick to the head, are coach and quarterback practicing an audition for Dancing with the Stars or recreating the mating ritual of an Egyptian cobra?

4 – What’s the official so happy about in the background? You were brought here to tick off officials, Jon – not make them happy.

3 – Amari Cooper isn’t just smiling. He’s laughing.

2 – Where does Gruden find those shoes (he’s always wearing them)?

Doesn’t Gruden seem like the kind of person that would buy only one brand of shoes and has something like 20 pairs of them?

1 – Ok. One serious observation. Whatever happened to Gruden not being able to relate to a new generation of players?

Wasn’t he supposed to come in like a tyrant and whip everyone in to shape?

The tread might be starting to wear off on that narrative.

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1 thought on “Did Jon Gruden Jump Kick Derek Carr In The Chin?

  1. That narrative was never an actual narrative. It was wishful thinking from ” talking heads ‘” and anti Raiders fans and ramblings from uninformed Raiders fans who bought into the unfounded click bait that began spreading the moment Gruden took the job.

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