Do The Blue Angels Deserve An Assist On Derek Carr’s Costly Pick-6?

It was the play that changed the game. Down 9-7 with under 7 minutes to go in the fourth quarter, Derek Carr’s short throw over the middle alluded both Seth Roberts and Amari Cooper, hitting Denver cornerback Chris Harris Jr. in stride for a pick-six.


Why was no one looking for the ball? Hard to say, but maybe it had something to do with the United States Navy – or specifically the Blue Angels who executed an impromptu flyover as Carr was barking out a pre-snap audible.

Whether it was communication, confusion, or just bad football, you be the judge. Here’s the play, courtesy of a cell phone in the stands…

For what it’s worth, the Blue Angels make plenty of noise without help from fans. Listen to the sound of just two flying over…

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