Donald Penn Initially Wasn’t Happy About The Kolton Miller Pick, Called Gruden Right Away

The Kolton Miller pick wasn’t received well by some of the fans (though most seem to be coming around), but a particular player wasn’t very enthusiastic about a new left tackle, either.

“As soon as I saw the draft pick, I called Gruden immediately. Like ‘man, what the f–-?’,” Donald Penn said last week on the I AM RAPOPORT podcast.

“He didn’t answer, but when I saw him the next Monday, he was joking with me saying, ‘You were ready to kick my a–, huh, Donald? You were mad as a motherf––!’”

Penn said he came around to the pick after a conversation with Gruden and plans to help groom Miller to eventually take over.

“I was mad, but now I’m good. I’m an emotional dude. That’s what makes me a good player because I play with emotion. I feel that’s helped out throughout the career.”

“He explained everything to me and stuff and that’s one thing I like about him, too. He keeps it real with you. He keeps it one hundred with you and it’s rare that you got a guy that does that.”

Penn also said in the extended interview that Las Vegas probably isn’t in his future and his current plan is to retire in two years.

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2 thoughts on “Donald Penn Initially Wasn’t Happy About The Kolton Miller Pick, Called Gruden Right Away

  1. Judging by the first couple of OTA’s, Penn has nothing to worry about. Miller (1st rounder) and Parker (3rd rounder) are developmental players that will not get on the field to start the season. I would be very surprised if either Miller or Parker start. They are not ready at this point. If you watch the tape on both of those guys, they both play to high, and the lateral movement is not there yet. I think a year on the bench for both Miller and Parker would be huge for their development, getting to learn behind a guy like Penn would be huge. If the Raiders have to go with either Miller or Parker to start at O-tackle, they will be in big trouble, and Carr will not stay healthy. Gruden and the staff know this and they will coach those guys up, but it will take some time.

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