Don’t Rule Out Ndamukong Suh To The Raiders Yet

The Raiders would love to add an interior pass rusher to play alongside Khalil Mack and Bruce Irvin.

On Wednesday they’ll make a pitch to 31 year-old Ndamukong Suh, who never came close to being worth the $114 million deal the Dolphins gave him three years ago.

Suh won’t command anywhere near the money he received in Miami, but he’s going to cost a lot – and it has been rumored that he’ll sign with the team that offers the most money.

The free agent market doesn’t have a lot left in terms of defensive tackles and the Raiders are among the weakest teams in the NFL at the position.

General manager Reggie McKenzie has never been one to enter into bidding wars, but Mark Davis and Jon Gruden might be the wild cards with Suh.

Davis just paid a head coach $100 million. What’s another couple million to ensure he gets the defensive lineman he wants?

As for the salary cap, the Raiders can easily move money around by handing out bonuses to players that are already locks to be on the roster. It wouldn’t be McKenzie’s preferred means of doing business, but if the Raiders really want Suh, the path isn’t that complicated.

Maybe Suh is just traveling around to build interest, but the fact that he hasn’t signed suggests that no team has met his asking price.

If Davis is at any level involved in the negotiations with Suh, the odds go up (at least a little) that the Raiders are the closest team to meeting his price.

The Raiders will be the fourth team to meet with Suh, who previously had visits with the Rams, Saints, and Titans.

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6 thoughts on “Don’t Rule Out Ndamukong Suh To The Raiders Yet

  1. No not this dude. Talk about a “me first” player who only thinks about the money and not the team. That’s why he milked Miami for every penny they had and underachieved in the process. Also went to a place where they don’t have state tax. He’s a smart guy but he’s definitely a pre-Madonna. He’s not worth the headaches or the hassles he will bring to an organization trying to establish chemistry and continuity.

  2. Its primadonna … has nothing to do with madonna the singer . Think about what you are writing if you want people to take your post’s serious.

  3. Regardless of what people say the fact is Suh is still one of the most dominant DT in the game and if we are looking at last year and saying he lost it let’s look to our backyard. From12-4 to 6-10 says we lost it but fact is we have Mack, Carr, Cooperabd the most gifted OL in the game. Everyone is human and every team has disappointed at some point. Time to be Raider Nation and support the Raiders. I say bring Suh to help our defense and watch the Raiders defense grow

  4. You couldn’t say it any better this guy is going to be the next Albert Haynesworth. It’s just a matter of what team he’s going to steal from. And thank God it’s not going to be the Raiders.

  5. I like Suh, but only at an average salary because he’s an average player, especially at his current age. He’s better than Ellis (which isn’t saying much) and would upgrade our d-line, but only if he accepts a deal for which he’s actually worth. He reminds me of Albert Haynesworth, who had 1-2 solid seasons then milked the Redskins hard for a final monster pay day for zero production

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