ESPN Insider Believes Aldon Smith Will Return To Raiders Soon

Aldon Smith recently declared on social media that he’ll soon be reinstated. While it’s not the first time Smith has made such a statement, at least one national insider believes Smith may be correct this time.

On Tuesday during a segment on 95.7 The Game, ESPN’s John Clayton told Greg Papa that he’s sure Smith “has things to do” but anticipates the Raiders’ All Pro linebacker will be back soon.

Others around the league have been more skeptical, but few outside of commissioner Roger Goodell (though who believes anything he says?) can speak on the matter with authority.

Clayton’s logic seems to be that Smith is aware of his standing with the league and has reason to believe his reinstatement is imminent.

It was widely believed Smith would be reinstated in March, but a motor vehicle accident involving a reportedly intoxicated Smith (as a passenger) may have again slowed the process.

The Raiders continue to stand by their talented linebacker – though they’ve given his jersey number – for now, at least – to undrafted free agent Fadol Brown.

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