ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler Says Raiders are One of 5 Teams to Watch for Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson is going to be a starting quarterback somewhere next year, and because of the offset language in his previous contract, the Broncos will essentially be paying him to play for another team.

The question is… where is Wilson going to go?

According to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, there are five teams that make the most sense for Wilson and, predictably, the Raiders are on the short list…

“This is honestly a pretty good fit. The Raiders will explore ways to trade up for a quarterback in the draft — coach Antonio Pierce has an affinity for Jayden Daniels from their Arizona State days — but moving from No. 13 to the top three is an arduous task. The Raiders have not been linked to the Cousins and Mayfield free agencies. It is perhaps notable that Wilson listed Las Vegas as one of his four preferred destinations amid talk of a trade from Seattle in 2021. He would relish the chance to play with Davante Adams, too.”

Aside from the Raiders, Fowler mentioned the Falcons, Steelers, Vikings and Patriots as teams that might also be suitors for Wilson.

The Steelers have been one of the popular connections to Wilson, but according to a report in The Athletic this week, the Steelers are not expected to be in the mix for the 35 year-old quarterback.

With the Falcons being heavily linked to Kirk Cousins in recent days, there’s a chance that the Raiders will have a real opportunity to bring in Wilson or Justin Fields if that’s the direction they choose to go.

And for what it’s worth, the addition of either of those quarterbacks shouldn’t be enough to discourage the Raiders from adding another quarterback early in the draft.

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4 thoughts on “ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler Says Raiders are One of 5 Teams to Watch for Russell Wilson

    1. Most of what I have read about Russell Wilson indicates to me that he is not a locker room fit for most teams.

  1. I throw the Raiders in with every story that comes out. We don’t want Russell Wilson!

  2. Jeremy fowler really?? That’s a headline? Huh? Russell Wilson is a band aid. And if you do your due diligence you might find a headline somewhere that reads. Coach antonio Pierce does not want a scab or band aid qb. He wants youth movement and a qb that is a rookie and that will last 10-15 years. You jeremy probably won’t last one. Geeerzh! Why do i read this nonsense?

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