Former NFL Exec: My Gut Tells Me The Raiders Will Trade Khalil Mack

A former NFL executive was asked about Khalil Mack’s contract situation this morning on 95.7 The Game and his response wasn’t one that will make Mack fans happy – or Raider fans happy, for that matter.

“My gut tells me that they’ll trade him and try to get some good draft picks for him,” Former Redskins GM Vinny Cerrato told Jo, Lo, and Dibs on their 95.7 The Game radio show. “That’s what my gut tells me. Especially if he holds out and especially if they’re doing well in the preseason and the defense is doing well… Maybe they’re not in love with Khalil Mack… If they’re not all over him to get him back and stuff, maybe their evaluations are, ‘You know what? We’re not going to put all our resources into him.’”

A John Middlekauff report in The Athletic this morning was a little more ominous, saying that some executives around the league believe Mack could be had with an enticing trade offer:

“The Khalil Mack holdout situation is officially a problem. I’d heard that Jon Gruden is very hesitant to pay him huge money, and it’s obviously playing out that way. I’ve even heard from other executives around the league a trade is not off the table.Raiders fans thought I was just hating, and stirring the pot, but the information is consistent everywhere you look. The situation is a disaster if you are a fan, mainly because it doesn’t seem like the Raiders even want to sign him to a long-term deal. Which is borderline insane.”

Love him or hate him, Middlekauff is convinced that Jon Gruden isn’t sold on the idea of giving Mack an enormous contract. If trading Mack really is an option, it would make much more sense (though still not a lot) to do a trade after the 2018 season when the Raiders could get an immediate return on the draft picks they would hypothetically receive.

Make what you will of all the reports, but the (very) smart money at this point is probably on Mack playing out the 2018 season on his fifth-year option and revisiting the situation in a year.

Imagine that… another offseason full of Mack rumors and speculation.

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15 thoughts on “Former NFL Exec: My Gut Tells Me The Raiders Will Trade Khalil Mack

  1. I thought he would be an unrestricted free agent after 2018 . Is that not true ?

    1. He can get tagged and traded after the season, or tagged twice like the steelers are doing with bell.

    2. He can get tagged then traded after the 2018 season, or tagged twice like the steelers are doing with bell

  2. It seems like a bunch of bull to me. “Other executives around the league”. Put a name on it. These so called executives are HOPING the Raiders will trade him. They are just trying to stir the pot. It’s funny that 95.7 The Game is putting all this stuff out there. Aren’t they the ones that have essentially cut ties with the Raiders by basically not covering them even though they are the Raiders station. Joe Fortenbaugh(Radio Host) said himself that they dont cover the Raiders. Seems like they have a vendetta against the Raiders if you asked me. I wouldn’t trust anything coming from them at this point. #FakeNews

  3. As much as I hate the idea of a player of Mack’s abilities on another team, Gruden is playing chess, not checkers and he is playing the long game. Two first round picks and some later round picks might help Chucky put the team he needs to play out his contract…Just a thought, because they really are treating Mack horrible. No offer on the table, No talks and especially No Gruden voicing his endorsement of a new well deserved contract for the 2016 DPOY !! Everyday Mack is not in camp, an angel loses it’s wings…

  4. Middlekauf is a lying moron, and these “former” executives are “former” for a reason. Mack will get signed and get a new deal with the Raiders, his agent is making him hold out till Aaron Donald signs which will be in a week or so, so the market will be set. All these trade rumors and b.s. media hype click bait crap needs to stop. Mack will be a Raider for a very long time, oh, and another thing for all you so called die hard fans saying it is time to move on from Mack need to hush your mouths. Good thing none of you run an NFL franchise….

    1. have you ever seen patriots pay a defensive play multiyear 100 million contract?? im the biggest mack fan but understand that
      1 were moving and dont have money
      2 once we pay him were strapped for the future
      3 we could really benefit from a trade and getting multiple 1st round draft picks and then some
      4. our defense sucked all years mack was here.

  5. I never once saw Gruden embellish Mack on MNF – said he was an impact player but not drooling all over him as well as Joseph too

  6. This stuff is so stupid. Just because he missed a few days of practice now they should trade him? Players hold out every year and don’t get traded. All these talking heads I guess just have to say things to get ratings.

  7. This whole thing is suspicious to me. All last year and for a good bit of the early off season, McKenzie has said they’re ” not worried ” about signing Mack. He has suggested money isn’t a problem in this situation, yet he remains unsigned with the season opener just over a month away. I didn’t think Gruden had any say so over salary issues. Everyone in the Raider organization keeps saying Gru has much control over who they sign and draft and who he wants on his roster. People are grossly misreading the situation if they think Jon Gruden has any pull in this situation. This comes down to either the team not having the money to give him the deal he wants or the they are wanting him to accept a more team friendly deal so they can sign Cooper in 2020. If they tag him twice, Coop goes elsewhere because they can’t franchise two players at the same time and Coop will have to have a new deal in 2020. They’ll take the 5th year option on him in 2019. In 2020 they would have to tag him but that would be the 2nd tag for Mack. One of them will be leaving in 2020 unless Mack’s deal gets done before then.

  8. think its a great idea to think trade bait. for the loot we’d pillage
    you’d be a fooI not to consider it.
    How much is the best guy one of the worst D’s really worth?
    et him pIay out this season in a better structured environment and we’II see

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