Former Teammate Describes Marshawn Lynch As “A Rhinoceros Or Something”

As a person and as a player, Marshawn Lynch has been discussed in many unique ways over the years.

The latest great Lynch description came last week from a former teammate.

Elijah Hood was released a week ago by the Raiders and was signed days later by the Carolina Panthers. Hood was asked about playing behind Lynch in Oakland and his description of the ‘Beast’ was a real treat.

“He’s a wild card,” Hood told The Charlotte Observer about Lynch. “Some days he might ride in on a bike. Who knows? It was definitely a lot of fun.”

As for Lynch’s running style, Hood compared ‘Beast Mode’ to a likeness not far removed from Marshawn’s most popular nickname:

“It’s like a rhinoceros or something. I’ve still yet to see another running back just straight truck a 300-pound, All-Pro D-tackle, and just take the soul out of a team. That’s motivating. That’s inspiring. We get up and the other team goes down when things like that happen. It might be a 6-yard run, but you just trucked their All-Pro D-tackle.”

The defensive tackle Hood is talking about is probably Titans DT Jurrell Casey and the video evidence is shown below.

Given their present-day running back situation, the Raiders are going to need a lot more ‘Rhino Mode’ in 2018.

twitter: @raidersbeat