Gabe Jackson Took a Subtle Parting Shot at the Raiders

Gabe Jackson had been one of the anchors of the Raiders offensive line for the last seven years before being traded to the Seahawks two weeks ago.

He never had a lot to say as a member of the Raiders, but Jackson is talking in Seattle. Specifically, he’s talking about how happy he is to be with the Seahawks.

“They win. I want to be a part of an organization that’s like that,” Jackson told the Seahawks website. “It almost feels like draft day, I feel like I’m a rookie all over again. I get to go somewhere and meet new people, and just start over.”

Jackson was one of three starters along the Raiders offensive line to be traded in March and none seem to have left on good terms. Trent Brown made comments similar to Jackson’s since joining the Patriots and Rodney Hudson reportedly asked the Raiders to let him go prior to be traded to the Cardinals.

As of now, the only returning starters on the Raiders offensive line are Richie Incognito and Kolton Miller, who won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Denzelle Good started 14 games for the Raiders in 2020, so he figures to be strong competition for second-year guard John Simpson. 23 year-old Andre James will take over for Hudson at center and his coaches and teammates seem to have a lot of confidence in him. The final piece of the Raiders revamped offensive line (a new right tackle) figures to arrive by means of the draft.

Time will tell if the Raiders picked the best time to overhaul their offensive line, but at least they now have players who want to play for them… for whatever that is worth.

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12 thoughts on “Gabe Jackson Took a Subtle Parting Shot at the Raiders

  1. No, actually Denzel good is penciled in as the starting right tackle, where he will do a great job. Andre James is penciled in as the starting center. Nick Martin will be playing Right Guard for now unless it looks like there’s a better performance to be had by having Nick Martin as your Center and Andre James as a Right Guard. Also John Simpson is going to maturing be a great offensive lineman at some point maybe next year

  2. Sounds like a disgruntled employee, or the mistress that realizes she can, and will be replaced. See ya, until now I respected your playing skills and silence, but like they say,A fish can’t be caught until it opens it’s mouth

    1. Thats the stupidest thing I’ve heard this month. The guy just wants a fresh start and is tired of losing every year. I can’t say I blame him. He’s just being honest but he should just keep his mouth shut right? He didn’t say anything bad about the Raiders directly and this is obviously the media stirring the pot when their is no need. So calm dowm.

  3. In 2020 the O line was a disaster. those three players sucked. did you watch the last year! I think it’s the best for the team. dump the trash. if the O-line played as they are paid, they’d all still be there.

    1. Agree, those three thought they were better than they were. The media saw something in their
      play i never did and these three overpaid, overhyped, traitors needed to go.
      I don’t see a huge drop-off from last year, this year. The bar was set really low by these superstars.

  4. Jackson and Hudson were anchors, professionals and kept their mouth shut, but there’s good reason for them talking somewhat now and it’s the fact that leadership isn’t willing to move on from Carr. Now that the defense is being addressed somewhat in free agency and hopefully in the draft I have a real good feeling that we’re going to see similar results in the “W” column because they just can’t admit Derek needed to go buy,buy a while ago and it was never more evident than when Mariota came in when he was injured and you immediately saw a difference in play , reaction of hope, positivity in the offense and though they ultimately lost in the end, Mariota brought something Derek hasn’t brought to the field in ages, excitement, aggressive scrambling and even broke a tackle! We’ll see!!!
    God Bless Al Davis, God Bless The Las Vegas Raiders and God Bless The Raider Nation!!!

  5. Really know one to blame but Mark,is he part of the problem my God what’s going on, someone tell us something.

  6. The Raiders payed this guy like a top five offensive lineman when he never really came close
    to being part of that group and that’s how he thanks the one team that believed in him.

  7. Hudson and Jackson are beast… The only reason Raider could run the ball.. Then they lost 2 starters and had to compensate for weak play from RT, LG, and then Jackson had injury concerns. You can’t say their play was down,, BECAUSE THE OLINE WAS DOWN!! Goode was OK but struggled, Harris was Abysmal!!! You bring in young guys to plug the holes. Not broken Incognito who’s season ended on a hammie.. There is no real veteran presence on the line.. Not in age, but in system.. Watch for creative blitz packaged to wreak havoc. The Raiders effectively flipped their problem.. Sorry I’ve already seen Cable try to coach up an OLINE, he can’t.. The Line was top notch because of quality players not Cable. I hope I’m wrong!! I really do….

    1. Jackson was payed more than most guards in the league. No other team would have payed half of the money
      he made with Raiders.
      Instead of being grateful he took the money for granted and believed all the hype. I personally never saw
      the player the media talked about.
      Without Hudson next to him, Jackson wouldn’t have started on most teams. We will see.

  8. Eh, most of his blocks the last two years were subtle parting shots. The others were outright whiffs. Unlike Hudson he’s easily replaced.

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