Gannon: “This Has Been Festering For A While” In Oakland

No one is impressed with the Raiders right now. It’s easy to see what the Raiders are doing poorly, but it’s much more difficult to understand why.

After the CBS broadcast on Sunday, former Raiders quarterback Rich Gannon sounded off on just about everyone in the Raiders’ building.

“Derek Carr was terrible,” Gannon said of his former team. “They didn’t run the football. They weren’t good on defense. The coaching was bad… It’s inexcusable to me. And they’ve got problems right now in Oakland. And this has been festering for a while.”

Anyone can see that Carr has not been playing well and coaching has been suspect all season, but it would be interesting to hear Gannon elaborate on the problems that have been “festering for a while” in Oakland.

There was a report last month that offensive coordinator Todd Downing has not “endeared himself” to many in the building, but it’s worth noting that head coach Jack Del Rio has stopped well short of the criticism he passed down to Bill Musgrave a year ago – and Musgrave’s offense was one of the best in the league.

Maybe Downing is who Gannon was referencing, but there are reasons to believe he may be talking about something more.

Certainly small problems become big problems when the losses begin to pile up, but it would be interesting to find what small problems may have existed and contributed to the unenviable position the Raiders find themselves in today.

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16 thoughts on “Gannon: “This Has Been Festering For A While” In Oakland

    1. He was just a QB that took the raiders to the super bowl. Everything he says is true accept it and stop being a delusional fan.

      1. How did he do again in that superbowl? 5 picks. 3 returned for tds 21 point swing.. He did getting his boy gruden a ring

    2. He actually had one trophy during his tenure with the Raiders. He was the 2002 NFL MVP, the year they went to the Super Bowl.

    3. Sad truth he is right!!!,,but we don’t need him to tell us that. ,Raiders have a loosing bad culture with no leaders . The Owner better wake up and gut this program out, GM / Coaching Staff ,get rid of lynch (side show) ,crabtree (punk), and the list goes on and on,,, They need to rebuild the whole team around Carr and create a culture about winning !!! Get a Legit GM and go sign Mike Vrabel as the next head coach,,,this team has to improve it’s culture!!!

      1. Rebuild it around MACK. Carr hasn’t proven that he is an elite QB. He has a lot of improving to do and is over-paid.

        1. You need the right staff,culture , and environment ,, around Carr,, A young Tom Brady wouldn’t flourish here now… Bottom line they we have worst ranked defense with a defensive GM , Head coach etc… doesn’t say to much about the staff,,,I’m hoping Davis does the right thing , and not be cheap,,,, Mack is not a leader I would trade him for a package otherwise keep him,,,,, QB drives the team!!!

  1. Jack del Rio …..fireing of coach Musgrave period!!!!,,,,,offence wasn’t. Broken…
    I was shocked…defence needed help I’ve Fallon and can’t get up…come on..

  2. I love Rich Gannon but seriously he’s become a sports media mouthpiece that I just don’t pay much attention to anymore. Super critical, as he was as a QB, and unforgiving of any error, as he was as a QB. Raider nation points more than enough fingers Rich. Give us some real insight and analysis, not just water cooling bitching. We do enough of that all on our own!

  3. Something happened to this team in Washington . We may never know what that was but it has stuck to the team all year long . One of the major problems has been Downing’s inexperience as an offensive designer and as a play caller . This however , is not his fault . Del Rio made the choice to hire a neophyte for one of the most important positions on the staff . He’ll probably walk the plank with Jack’s sword at his back at season’s end but ultimately this problem was created by Del Rio . Passing on Wade Phillips and giving Norton a 3rd time at bat was also a blunder . Phillips wouldn’t have made this defense dominant , no one could . But he would certainly have squeezed enough out of what they have to make them better than they had been the past 2 years . I truly believe that in addition to his broken body , Carr’s confidence and spirit are also broken . I believe that like most of the players in that locker room , they have lost faith in Del Rio but anyone who has followed Jack’s career knows there wasn’t much optimism to be had . Del Rio certainly isn’t the Raiders ONLY problem but from what I’ve seen he is their biggest problem .

  4. Rich Gannon is right on point, JDR blew it when he fired Musgrave n as a former dc the defense is awful after 4 years!!! Don’t you think the players all recognize this?

  5. I hate it when people choose to magnify the problem rather than offer a solution. I think its pretty obvious there are issues with the Raiders that must be addressed but I would appreciate a voice that sheds light on the solutions. We need to stop pointing fingers & focus on making this squad better next year

  6. I think Rich is spot on. Who the F can argue with whatvhe is saying? Those that say he’s full of it, tell me please, you think we’re GOOD this year? Please. Everything he said is 100% true.

  7. Let’s make note that Julio the “Raider fan” is a complete idiot ! Could someone be that stupid ? Well yes Julio is.

  8. The problem is the teams discipline! No one is held accountable and to many players for themselves and not the team. Lynch although a great talent is a hometown hero and does whatever he wants when he wants. Not setting an example. Penn, I love the guy but holding out in the offseason for money that he would have gotten anyway. Not a good example for the team. Crabtree, again love this guy and understand the situation but fighting and getting ejected from a game. Not a disciplined move. The Raiders will get it fixed but they need to seriously look in the mirror with each individual member and it starts with management! RaiderNation 4 Life

  9. I don’t know what Gannon might know, but he is absolutely. He knows his **** and telling him to shut the ‘f’ up shows nothing but disrespect. A difference of opinion is fine, but when these opinions start, NO ONE DESERVES TO BE TOLD SUCH NEGATIVITY SPOUTED BACK WITH THE CUSS WORDS….ESPECIALLY AT ONE OF OUR OWN. Get real.

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