Gareon Conley Case Features Inconsistencies On Either Side

It could take as many as 6-8 weeks before we’ll know the legal fate of Gareon Conley – at least in terms of whether or not his case will head to trial.

On Tuesday, it became clear that Conley’s defense team has a few inconsistencies to their story, but fortunately for Conley, the same can be said of his accuser.

Video evidence appears to show that the accuser met Conley earlier in the night than she let on to police and was “friendly with the NFL prospect” during that time, according to TMZ Sports – which alone does not mean she consented to any sexual acts.

With that said, acccording to the police report, the victim seems to describe a sexual act other than what Conley’s defense team is willing to concede and this is where the DNA evidence will likely be a determining factor.

Conley’s lawyer continues to contend that Conley’s story hasn’t changed and it does appear (based on public information) that the former Ohio State cornerback has never denied a sexual event occurred.

Conley has only ever said that he “could have used better judgment” on the night in question – which is by no means to say he committed a crime. If anything, it may lend to the notion that Conley has been straightforward from the beginning.

If he is ultimately cleared of wrongdoing, Conley will undoubtedly need to utilize his “better judgment” going forward.

After all, the bright lights of Vegas aren’t lit for shuffleboard and backgammon.

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